Fire and Rescue Learnership Program for Those Who Want to Have a Fire Fighting Career

Unemployed youth who wants to learn how to be a professional fire fighter can think about joining Fire and Rescue Learnership program that will give them everything they need. Not only they will learn about the theoretical principles and concepts, but they will also learn the practical aspects directly. A learnership will provide both theoretical foundation and a direct practical experience so the participants can get the valuable knowledge and experience they need to improve their skills and ‘sell’ themselves out as a potential work force.

About the Program

Candidates would have the chance to train with professional and skilled fire fighters in their field. The program is designed to help the youth and unemployed individuals to achieve the skills they need. Not only they can get the expertise and skills, but they can also have a better chance to make a career in the fire fighting industry. Not everyone can have such a career in the field – and with the participants have already gained the valuable experience, they can have a better opportunity. Those with good achievement will get the priority and preference from the Senior fire fighters so it is crucial to do their best as possible.

The Requirements

In order to be qualified for this Fire and Rescue Learnership program, candidates must meet the basic and general requirements. They are:

·                  The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa – proven by the valid and legal ID document

·                  They must be between the age of 18 and 34 years old

·                  They must complete Grade 11 or obtain NQF Level 3 in Mathematics Literacy and Communication

·                  They must have a driver’s license Code B that remains valid during the time of application and learnership program

·                  They must be able to speak two out of three official language in the Western Cape quite fluently and well

·                  They must have attention to details and they need to have a good focus

·                  They must be physically and mentally healthy and fit

·                  They will be subjected to both Physical and Medical fitness test

Extra requirements include:

·                  Candidates must not have any criminal records

·                  They should be able to work alone or within a team

·                  They must be able to work in shifts and to work 40 hours a week

·                  They must also be able to work overtime or extra hours within a short notice


The shortlisted candidates who are able to pass the screening stage may meet these requirements:

·                  They must have good health

·                  They must be willing to take a substance and also medical abuse examination

·                  They must be willing to take part in a physical fitness test

·                  They must be willing to participate in the further interview session – if required

How to Apply

Interested candidates must fill in the application form and then submit it with the following supporting documents:

·                  A certified copy of ID document. Bringing the original is okay for the show

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·                  The original proof of educational level

·                  A certified copy of the educational level

·                  Certified copies of qualifications

·                  A certified copy of Matric certificate

The learnership is generally available on a yearly basis, but it would be wise to check with the institution about the opening and closing date as well as the place to drop the application for Fire and Rescue Learnership program.