Electrical Engineering Internship Programs

Siemens Healthineers in South Africa is offering Electrical Engineering Internship program that would be located in Midrand, Gauteng. If you are looking for a professional working experience where you can get a direct and hands-on experience while being observed and monitored by the experts, then this is the opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Through this full-time internship program, you will gain a lot of insight and valuable experience that will help you for the future.

About the Program

This Electrical Engineering Internship program is designed for the full-time job where you will have an important role in the healthcare sector. Siemens Healthineers has been chosen to pay a tribute and respect to the pioneers, especially to those who have dedicated their passion and energy to the matter. It is expected to reflect the pioneering spirit that is combined with the company’s long engineering history within the healthcare industry.

The candidates are expected to be involved in a full-time program but within a dynamic and flexible environment. They are given the chances to go beyond their comfort level as well as pushing themselves beyond the boundaries so they can professionally and personally grow. Not only the candidates would be involved in a solid customer service environment, but they will also have to show their expertise and skills in the Electrical Engineering sector.

The job tasks and responsibilities of the candidates would cover:

  • Learning and observing
  • Shadowing and on the job training
  • Being exposed to the supervised field
  • Providing help and assistance to Project Management
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The company has several available positions in different locations, including Cape Town, Durban, and Midrand.

The Requirements

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa that will be proven with a valid ID document
  • They must complete Matric
  • They must have Matric certificate
  • They must have at least a National Diploma in Clinical or Electrical Engineering

The extra general requirements include:

  • The candidates must be passionate and determined about the program
  • They must be willing to work extra hard
  • They must be willing to follow the directions and regulations set by the company

How to Apply

The company takes security matter seriously. They pay a serious and detailed attention to candidates’ data privacy, data protection, and the overall well-being. The application will take place online at the company’s official site. It is strictly forbidden (for the candidates) to send their resume, CV, or other personal documents by email.

Once the candidates gain access to the company’s official website, they can create their personal account. Then they can complete the application as well as providing the personal info or data. Once they have created a profile, they can set an alert so they will get the notification if the position is available.

Be advised that Siemens Healthineers isn’t involved in any agency service resume or such a thing alike. All the documents should be uploaded at the company’s website and not be forwarded to other company’s locations, employees, or jobs.

The supporting documents that should be provided including a certified copy of ID document, a certified copy of Matric certificate, a CV, and certified copies of qualifications. Don’t forget to include the job ID (188958) in the application and visit the site at this link to learn more about Electrical Engineering Internship

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