10 Customer Service Jobs in Cape Town Take on New Employees

Having capabilities or soft skills in communication and socialization might be good basic to work as a customer service. Working as a customer service isn’t for everyone as it has difficulties that not all people could do. If you live in South Africa, probably customer service jobs in Cape Town can be helpful.

If you think that you are skillful to work in fast pace, probably these jobs are for you. You will deal with the clients and customers every day. The clients will tell their problems and you need to give solution or advice to them. These following customer service jobs found in Cape Town might seek you to join them!

customer services jobs
Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

O’Dwyer Personnel

Have you ever heard about O’Dwyer Personnel? This international company has expanded its territory in every continent, including Cape Town City Centre. No wonder, it takes on more and new employees all the time. They want to make sure that their clients have no complaints about their service.

O’Dwyer is looking for a customer service executive. He will be responsible for handling incoming and outgoing calls. He will also process new business and identify the needs of all customers. Whenever there are any issues, customer service executive needs to find solution or alternatives.

If you have ability in matric and strong ability in communication in all level precisely. You also have to work in shifts supported by strong internet connection.

Check the website here.


One of the global technology that runs in online gaming group is DigiOutsource. It has been in the business experience for more than 20 years. Located in Cape Town, this company is searching for customer service hosts in many languages. These languages used are Spanish, German, Danish, Italian and also Portuguese.

Working in this position lets you to work in a team with fast pace. You need to have good personalities to be able to work longer. If you are accepted in DigiOutsource, there will be some perks that you can enjoy. Daily meal, gym access, free drinks and coffee, and subsidies flight home annually can be received.

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Some duties to do by a customer service host are responding customers and also problem solving. It could be taking care of failed purchases, error payments, and processing all calls in multimedia environment.

Check the website here.


Located in Cape Town City Centre, takealot.com is searching for a customer service team leader. It is actually an online retailer company that seeks dynamic, fun, and active workers to improve together.

The duties of customer service team leaders will be allocating all the workload and helping team leader in skills developments. They will identify customers’ issues and making operational reports daily. Managing the whole team is another responsibility of a customer service team leader too.

The qualifications of working in this position are having completed the NQF for level 4 or grade 12. You need to have at least a year experience in related position. When you are able to operate Ms. Office, it would be more preferable.

Check the website here.

Core Group South Africa

Located in Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Core Group South Africa is looking for a service consultant in iStore. A professional needed should be service oriented, friendly, helpful, patient, and have good telephone etiquette.

A service consultant will be responsible for providing support, responding calls, handling complaints, and also fulfilling the customers’ needs.  He needs to be fully conversant about the company policies and have perfect interpersonal skills in uncertainty situations.

When you want to work in iStore, you need to have minimum IT qualification for both A+ and also N+. You also have to master matric and have proper knowledge of cellular. It would be much preferable when you have at least one year experience in the field of IT technical support.

Check the website here.


Looking for the customer service jobs in Cape Town, it wouldn’t be complete without checking out Babylonstoren. It is actually one of the oldest farms located in Cape Dutch. This farm is currently looking for a customer service representative to work together along with developing team.

Working as a customer service of Babylonstoren means you will be the brand ambassador presenting all the services and experiences. You will be mainly responsible for managing and providing personal experiences for the clients and resolving any kinds of complaints.

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The qualification to get this job is that you need to have completed NQF level 4 or grade 12. It would be much preferable when you have at least 1 year experiences. Besides, able to operate computer and understand e-commerce will be plus points for the candidates.

Check the website here.

Trusted Interns

Are you a positive and happy person who enjoys working in a team and meets people? If yes, then you could be the customer service superstar Trusted Interns is looking for. You will work in Cape Town when you are interested in this position.

Having good communication skills and phone skills are important to engage with the customers. You also need to be hard-working, responsible, and adaptive to any kinds of situations. Most of the time, customer service will involve with a lot of people.

Customer service superstar will be responsible for managing the customers in any kinds of needs or complaints. You will also deal with responding calls and social media related to work. It includes replying email and even letters, too.

Check the website here.

National Debt Advisor  

Are you a sales person who enjoys working in financial industry? If the answer is yes, then you could apply to be a call center agent who will work in Cape Town. National Debt Advisor is currently looking for someone who can professionally work to achieve targets under certain deadlines.

The minimum requirements of being a call center agent are matric and having at least 6 months of experience in sales. What do you need to do when you work as a call center agent?

A call center needs to make calls that could gain him sales. He needs to ensure that the targets are fulfilled. He also has to struggle to develop and grow together with the company. This position might not be suitable for those who have no background or personal interest in financial industry.

Check the website here.

Fidelity Services Group

Finding customer service jobs in Cape Town will lead you to find out the job offered by Fidelity Services Group. It is a company that runs its business in security provider and protection innovation.

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Currently, the company is offering contact center sales agent to work in Cape Town. This center sales agent will schedule and reschedule appointments, book appointments, and also move cancellations. Following up all the appointments and cancellations is essential to be done daily.

The qualifications of this position need to have previous experience in relevant field. As this job is permanent, you need to adapt well in fast-paced working environment. You also need to have good interpersonal skills in communication.

Check the website here.

WNS South Africa

WNS is a company that runs the Business Process Management (BPM) globally. It has obtained more than 400 clients worldwide and earned deep satisfaction. WNS is currently looking for a customer service manager to work in Cape Town.

This full-time position will deal with driving operational performance, giving strategies to improve performance, and delivering revenue increase. Customer service manager is also responsible for leading the interventions in campaign, having client liaison, overseeing the team, and holding hand with HR to have good outcome for the company.

When you have a matric or grade 12 certificate, you may apply this job. Some experience for at least 6 months in call center environment is also important to add your standard. If you probably have ever worked in loan environment or financial industry, you will get more credits to get the position.

Check the website here.


One of the customer service jobs in Cape Town to consider is Grandslots. There is a position to work as a technical support agent. This job needs you to have some qualifications and abilities.

You need to have a lot of technical troubleshooting experiences and able to communicate in third languages, such as English. The duties of a technical support agent are initiating action, expressing potential innovation, and focusing on results. However, focusing on results still pay attention to the customers’ satisfaction.

Check the website here.

To sum up, choosing customer service jobs isn’t that piece of cake. There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to get the job. Some positions even require 6 months to a year experiences in related field. When you think that you are interested in some of these jobs, you can freely apply and prepare yourself. Some companies might look for more than one employees to take on.