CapaCiTi Tech Skills and Job-Readiness Programme

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  • Dec 08, 2022

The Capaciti Tech Skills and Job-Readiness Programme is a mission from CiTi to every young people in South Africa. It provides a programme to learn digital technology and build a career path on that.


CiTi (Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative) is a non-profit company which builds a future-fit, inclusive society through innovation and technology.

The company provide young people in South Africa with some courses and education about digital technology.

CiTi has been established since 1999 and works to build a positive future for South Africa in economy, society, innovation and technology.

Now, bringing the tech skills and job readiness programme, CiTi will embrace more young people to achieve success.

capaciti tech skills

About CapaGiTi Tech Skills 

The CapaCiTi Tech Skills and Job-Readiness Programme is a course in digital technology and innovation for unemployees in South Africa.

It takes no payment during the programme. Once the student finishes the course and gets their full-time job, they will pay back the training costs in affordable instalments.

The monthly payment will be used to give another young South African the chance to join the next CapaCiTi Programme. CiTi runs the course programme from their campuses:

Western Cape Campus

CapaCiTi Tech Career Accelerator 

 First Floor, Pals Building

 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River, 7925

 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

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Gauteng Campus

CapaCiTi Tech Career Accelerator 

 Thirteen Floor, Hollard Building

 19 Ameshoff Street, Braamfontein,

 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

This course doesn’t guarantee any internship or full-time job for graduates. But it enriches the skills of the students with the necessary job-critical skill. 

CiTi just prepares them for the working world and facilitates opportunities for them to meet the companies for an interview. The students must encourage themselves to work hard, be committed, and prove their abilities.

After graduating from the programme and getting a job, they should share their copy of the Offer Letter or contract with CiTi. Also in case they get no extended contract or resign, they should report to CiTi placement team.

The team will place their name on the list of applicants looking for employment. Then share their resume with an external employer.

Available Programme

CapaCiTi Tech Skills and Job-Readiness Programme has three courses. Every applicant may choose based on their needs. Let’s see the programme below:

Broad-Based Digital Skills

In this course, the students will get broad-based digital skills to facilitate entrance into junior positions. The position requires a broader knowledge base without specialised skills.

This course includes digital literacies and AWS Cloud Computing Fundamentals. The students will prepare themselves to get the current tech skills gaps in the global business.

Introduction to Programming

In this programming course, the student will get skills in Java and Phyton programming. They will move from the basic knowledge of programming to deeper skills related to the specific language of focus.

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Also, they learn about basic data analysis, incorporate aspects of SQL, and focus on back-end web development. The certification includes Microsoft Python Certification, and Oracle Java Certification and is NQF Unit standards-aligned. 

Systems Development

This course provides the students with skills and certification in both front and back-end web development. It has 12 modules aligned to SETA unit standards, focusing on four relevant programming skills.

The students will learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and Java modules in six months. Then will get a certificate in Microsoft Python Certification, Oracle Java Certification and NQF Unit standards-aligned.

Capaciti Tech Skills Requirements 

Every candidate who wants to apply for the course should meet these requirements:

  • Unemployed South African citizen between 18-35 years old
  • Have matric/grade 12 and live around the region where the programme is based.
  • Have interpersonal skills, passion for technology, and commitment to follow the programme until it ends.

Capaciti Tech Skills Application

The candidate can apply online after registering their profile at Then follow these steps:

  • Check your email to ensure the registration is complete. 
  • Apply for the course by fill the personal and educational detail, work details and attachments. 
  • Complete the application and the logic assessment by answering all 25 questions in it.
  • CiTi will shortlist applicants and invite them to attend interview sessions.
  • The candidate will get some credit checks to ensure that they are credit clear.

Capaciti Tech Skills Contact/Enquiries

For more information and enquiries, please visit the CiTi official web page or send an email to [email protected]. This CapaCiTi Tech Skills Programme will always receive candidates as long as the quota is still available.