Afrihost Careers: Client Support and Services

Focusing on web hosting, broadband, and telecom service provider, Afrihost is the trusted and reliable company to depend on. As clients, people will be provided a wide range of services related to web hosting, cloud services, do mains and so on from the professionals. They have been the experts in the industry, therefore, they need more people to join to help them expand. In order to participate in the Global World, Afrihost careers will need more talents as client support and services.

When you think that you have these capabilities in IT experiences, it is a good opportunities to develop yourself. Therefore, prepare yourself for applying in this job and get the decent job in your near future!

Afrihost Careers
Afrihost Careers on Memebum

Programme Description

Position: Client Support and Services Consultant

Recruiter: Afrihost

Location: Gauteng

Salary: R84 000 – R144 000 per annum (based on skills, experience, and attitude)

Type of work: Shift work


  • Assisting clients with the product knowledge from Afrihost
  • Facilitating clients with their signup through the official website of Afrihost
  • Assisting clients with the Afrihost Service Provisioning
  • Assisting the fault finding such as troubleshooting all the services provided by Afrihost. It includes hosting, ADSL, email, fibre, and also mobile data
  • Giving further updates to clients related to the progress of their order
  • Doing the fault logging
  • Doing the device configuration including configuring routers, mobile devices and other devices


  • The applicants must live in Gauteng area
  • They must have IT support experiences
  • Having great communication skills is important
  • The applicants should have enthusiasm and also dedication at work
  • They should be able to work independently and in a team
  • Having technical experience with ADSL, Fibre, 3G, LTE, and also email is advantageous
  • They should have committed to Client Service Excellence
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In order to apply for the position, there are a few things that you need to do before the submission.

First, the applicants need to fill out all the questions in the website. It includes the first and last name, email, and also references. Moreover, the applicants need to tell the company about the client service experiences including the worst experience, how to handle representatives, experience in using mobile APN services, and more.

Furthermore, the applicants must mention their strength and also weaknesses. They will be asked on their long term goals as well. Finally, they should answer how they heard about the available position either it is from word of mouth, Google Advert, social media, Afrihost website, or My Broadband.

After completing the information details, you will get an email confirming the application request you had. In replying the email, you must attach your Curriculum Vitae (CV), Matric certificate, copies of certificates, a copy of Identity Documents, and other important documents.


For further assistance and information, you need to keep checking the website from time to time. In accordance to this job, you can refer to this link in For the customer service contact, you can contact through this number +27 11 612 7300.

Closing Date

The closing date of the submission has not been stipulated yet. Probably when the position has been taken off, this offer will be invalid.