Advtech Vacancies: Classroom Assistant Fixed Term Contract

As an independent institute that concerns about the education level in South Africa, Advtech is offering some positions to work together and grow together for better country. Advtech vacancies are available in many positions and one of them is a classroom assistant.

If you wish to find a job that deals with kids and their learning classes at school, working as a classroom assistant seems to be a brilliant idea. You will definitely love this job. Moreover, this position does not require you to work in a permanent type of work, therefore, you can also sharpen your skills in limited time of your working duration.

Classroom Assistant
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Programme Description

Position: Classroom Assistant

Recruiter: Independent Institute of Education Pty LTD ADvTECH

Location: Krugersdorp

Reference number: MARU/PRPR/GEN/WVZ/Classroom Assistant/Krugersdorp/080321

Type of work: Fixed term contract


Meanwhile, it is also not easy to be a classroom assistant. As a matter of fact, working as a classroom assistant brings you some responsibilities to handle in the class every day.

  • Being responsible for all duties as a classroom assistant
  • Upholding the ethos of the school
  • Upholding the informal teaching style of learning through playing
  • Preparing the children holistically for the following grade
  • Assisting the children in their readiness for school
  • Providing continuous assessment throughout the year so that teachers can bring written reports to communicate for parents
  • Integrating all the learning activities through the active involvement of the children
  • Following a well-prepared daily programme
  • Working effectively as a team to achieve the success of the school
  • Participating in any general events which will take place during the year
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Moreover, in order to fill the position in Advtech vacancies, there are these following requirements to possess.

  • The minimum requirement to have is a Matric Certificate
  • The applicants must have the experience in working with young children in relevant environment or similar type of position
  • Having excellent interpersonal skills for pupils, colleagues, and parents is a must
  • Being able to work in a team is necessary
  • Having good organizational and communication skills is vital
  • Being energetic, self-motivated, and able to drive your own initiate will be compulsory
  • Having excellent rapports with small children is obligatory


Furthermore, there are some steps that you have to do when you want to make a registration in applying for the job. First, you can access this link There will be some questions including the personal details, vacancy details, contact details, education and training.

The personal details include all the information such as name, date of birth, id number, citizenship, current job title, and your address. Moreover, the vacancy detail includes place of work, employment, availability, current remuneration, work experience, and also desired remuneration.

Meanwhile, the contact detail involves all information of email address and phone number, while, the education and training are about highest education and accreditation. Finally, do not forget to submit your Curriculum Vitae (CV) which includes the experience, abilities, and also career objectives.


For the complete information about the recruitment and other positions, you can visit

Closing Date

The latest submission of Advtech vacancies will be on 18 March 2021.