Yes4Youth Learnership 2022: Online Application via Site

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  • Apr 21, 2022


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It is very important for youths to find as much experience as possible. Unless they have a lot of experiences, they will be unable to find the right job. Therefore, Yes4Youth learnership will be one of the aids to create your working experiences. By providing working experiences, youths will gain their confidence, life experiences, and also practical works.

YES understands the needs of working experience for the youths who want to seek for a decent job. They will equip the youths with toolkit to support their families, communities, and household. By the availability of these working experiences will be very useful and graceful for the growth of economy in South Africa.

Yes4youth on Thanda Foundation

Step-by-Step Working Experiences by Yes4Youth Learnership

YES offers 12 months qualified working experience for the unemployed youth. There are some steps that those unemployed youths must know in order to improve themselves. It begins from registering and ends with completing the 12 months of working experience. Consequently, after doing the one year completion, these South African youths will receive reference letter for better job they have been dreaming of.

  • First, youths or the applicants need to register themselves online.

By registering online, the applicants must fill their personal information and also the comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV). As a matter of fact, CV will be very important for all applicants when it comes to look for a job. Most people make mistakes in making their CV because they mostly put irrelevant information for the company.

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In making CV, you have to introduce yourself well in order to get the attention of the readers. Your introduction should be short but to the point, therefore, the recruiter will be interested in getting to know more about you. Moreover, you need to add your relevant skills that the recruiters might need to see. There is no point in writing about your ability in cooking when you are not applying a job as a chef.

Furthermore, working experience is important to mention. You have to write about your roles, your workplaces, duration, and also your responsibilities in all jobs you had done. Do not forget to write the education and three contactable references too.

  • Second, the recruiter will start shortlisting the candidates. In this step, the applicants will go through interview for their role.
  • Third, the company will make selection from those interviewees. Only best of the best will get the chance to sign the contract.
  • Next, the company will start the placement. There will also be YES induction. It is actually a process where the new employees adapt to their new environment and their duties.
  • After that, the employees will receive smartphone which has been loaded with YES application. In this process, the employees need to complete their profile and baseline survey from the company.
  • Then, the employees must start to work based on their modules to get themselves prepared for the jobs given.
  • Moreover, the employees must have completed the survey towards the end of the journey during the whole program.
  • Finally, the employees will complete the 12 months work experiences well. They will receive a verified CV from Yes4Youth and reference letter. These will be very useful for the future in finding the career path they prefer.
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For further details and information about Yes4Youth Learnership, you can check the website of

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