Woman For Change Program Available At Cape Town Learnership

Women who are at the age of 16 to 35 are all having chance to take the opportunity in Women For Change Program available at Cape Town Learnership. The sub-council offices through the Job Seekers Database are now seeking women who could benefit out of the program to work in the learnership to empower women to create change.

This opportunity will be closing in the end of the month that is July 31, 2019. So you have still times to make your preparation as perfect as possible. Have a look at the following sections about the vacancy details, the candidates’ duties as well as the candidates’ requirements and how to apply for the position.

Vacancy Details


This program cooperating with Cape Town learnership has successfully helped more than 1500 women access the job training to create a difference in their communities. Women For Change program has been allocating more than R28 million in the past financial year. This means that this program was very successful.

Woman For Change program is aimed to employ women through the Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP). The women will receive training as well as education in a number of fields. Thus, it is categorized as the learnership. If you are a citizen of South Africa and stay in the city of Cape Town, this vacancy is the best opportunity to try.

Now you can go to the next session that is the candidates’ requirements so that you can prepare the applications as well as your readiness to join the program in the learnership.

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Candidates Requirements

There are some general requirements for the candidates to fulfil in order to apply for the position of Women For Change Program available at Cape Town Learnership. Please have a look at the list below:

  • The opportunity is open to any unemployed and unskilled women between the age of 16-35.
  • Men are possible but women are preferable.
  • Those who are living with disabilities will be more considered.
  • Detailed curriculum vitae is important to include.
  • Insert your ID document.
  • Valid South African work permit.
  • South African citizenship.
  • Related job experience would be an advantage.

Fill all the requirements needed for more consideration. Include any related certificate if possible. Although this program is for unemployed, unskilled and unexperienced women, if you have any experience in the related field, it would be a very good advantage. Just don’t hesitate to apply for the position.

The requirements above also include the disaster risk management, alcohol syndrome awareness, health promotion, wellness and the domestic violence. The candidates whose the applications are successful will be deployed in the areas where the City owned housing is located. It also depends on how many the high levels of unemployment, social challenges and crime.

How To Apply

If you are much willing to apply for Women For Change Program available at Cape Town Learnership, the first thing you need to do is to open the link . Scroll down the page and you will see a sentence “Click here to Apply” at the bottom of the page. Upload your applications through the procedure given before the due time.

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