Wits Bursary French Embassy Program: A Study Chance in France

The Embassy of France is working together with Wits University is offering the so-called Wits Bursary French Embassy Program. It is designed for graduates from South Africa so they can continue their study to even a higher level of Master and Doctorate degree. Interested students are invited and encouraged to apply, especially since the applications are applied from all sectors of academic disciplines. Students taking technology and science related subjects are invited and prioritized.

About the Program

The French Bursary program is managed in a flexible manner – meaning that they can partially or fully finance the academic coverage and expenses which mostly cover for Schengen visa fees, health insurance, and tuition fee (annually). It is also possible that they may cover living expenses, monthly stipend, and round trip airfare although it isn’t an obligatory part of the provider.


The idea of Wits Bursary French Embassy Program is to strengthen the relationship between French and South African institutions as well as the private and public sectors through the co-funding opportunity. This isn’t the first time for French Embassy located in South Africa to support potential and promising students. They have done it from 2017 and up to 2019, and possibly the following years ahead.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply especially if they have a good academic record and performance. Students don’t have to speak French to qualify. They can study in any reputable and accredited university in France so they need to start browsing for the university and the subject.

The Requirements

  • The candidates must be the citizens of Lesotho or South Africa that can be proven by ID document
  • They must be Honour or Bachelor graduates. They can either have completed their study or they will complete it by the time they depart to France
  • They must have the acceptance letter from 3 selected institution in France based on their choice. They must apply to these universities based on the subject that they want. In general, the admission letters or a minimum of correspondence with the institutions would be needed so the application can complete
  • For the maximum academic fees that include tuition fees and administration fees, a full scholarship worth of €5,000 would be provided. However, if the fees are higher than that, then co-funding would be needed, such as enterprise sponsorship or personal savings

The program will accept applications from all kinds of academic disciplines. However, priority would be awarded to those taking technology and science subjects, such as Biodiversity, Environment, Political Science, Nuclear and Materials Physics and Chemistry, Social Science, Food Security, Earth and Space Science, Transport, Energy, etc.

It would also be welcomed if candidates can apply to public universities in France because these universities have the government subsidized fee.

How to Apply

Candidates need to download the application form, and then fill it up and sign it. Once they are done, they need to submit it in the form of a pdf document. They also need to attach these supporting documents:

  • An updated CV that isn’t longer than 2 pages
  • A motivational letter that isn’t longer than 2 pages
  • Acceptance letters from 3 institutions
  • A certified copy of ID document
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts or degree certificates
  • Links of those 3 institutions indicating the fees (administration, tuition, etc)
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They can send it to [email protected] so they can take part in Wits Bursary French Embassy Program.