Western Cape Gov Health Jobs: Administrative Officer

Unemployed citizens of South Africa, there’s an opportunity to join the Administrative Officer Job at Western Cape Gov Health.

Cape Winelands Health District has vacancies as Administrative Officer. Placed in the Western Cape, this health district vacancies call for unemployed citizens from South Africa.

Administrative Officer Job at Western Cape Gov Health
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Job Description

Job Title: Administrative Officer Job at Western Cape Gov Health

Recruiter: Western Cape Gov Health

Salary: R261 372 per annum

Location: Cape Winelands TB Centre

Type: Permanent


Thera are duties that the Administrative Officer Job at Western Cape Gov Health position are responsible for. Before you decide to join the office, it will be wiser if you look for information about the duties first.

That is to say, in this part of the paragraph, we will spill the information about the duties of the position that you need to know. Check out the information below and decide whether this position fits for you or not:

  • Responsible for support services including government transport, laundry services, porter services, mortuary service, telecommunication, hospital accommodation facilities and grounds.
  • Doing contract management relating to outsourced service providers i.e., security service, waste
    management, laundry service, pest control and garden service.
  • Take care of the supervision of staff including staff performance and disciplinary matters.
  • Training and development of staff.

Eligibility and Requirements

Aside from the duties, the requirements information is also crucial information to know before applying for a position. It will let you know whether your credentials can match with the recruiters requirements.

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Therefore, here are some information of minimal requirements for Administrative Officer Job at Western Cape Gov Health:

Firstly, minimum educational qualification:

  • Senior Certificate (or equivalent).

Thirdly, inherent requirement of the job:

  • Valid (Code B/EB) driver’s license.

Fourthly, competencies (knowledge/skills):

  • Computer literacy (MS Office Excel, Word, and Outlook).
  • Good written and verbal communication in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape.
  • Excellent organisational skills, the ability to function independently as well as in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Knowledge of contract management, waste management, government transport, telecommunication, porter, and laundry services.


In this paragraph, you will find information about the application process.

The application for the Administrative Officer Job at Western Cape Gov Health position is done online. It means that there’s no post or faxed application that you can send there.

That is to say, you can just visit this link www.westerncape.gov.za/health-jobs. On the website you will find the option “online applications”. Click on it and follow the instructions that they give to you.

Additionally, this vacancy is 100% free of charge. In other words, never believe anyone who takes a fee to secure the position since the recruiter doesn’t ask for such a fee. 


During the application process, you might want to inquire some questions to the authorities. Furthermore, they have included contact information that you can forward your questions to.

The contact information is as follow:

Closing Date

The opportunity to apply for this vacancy has a deadline that you should abide by. It will be officially closed on 10 June 2022.

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Make sure you submit the application before the date mentioned. We hope that this opportunity will be yours. Good luck in your career!