Western Cape Department of Health Bursary Offered Programs

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  • Jan 21, 2020

Students who want to continue their study to a higher level in medical subjects can consider about taking part in Western Cape Department of Health Bursary program, especially if they are having a financial hardship. The bursary is provided so students won’t have to worry about the financial matter while taking a higher level of studying.

About the Program

Department of Health is offering financial support and assistance to candidates who are considered qualified to get the help. One of the main criteria is that the person should have impressive academic achievement and performance with promising qualification.

Each year, the Department would provide the bursary to each province, targeting financially struggling students who can use the opportunity. Naturally, different province will set up different regulations, requirements, and also policies. Candidates need to check with their local Health Department to understand the specific details about the programs.

For students in Western Cape, the bursary coverage may include registration, tuition fee, and exam fee. Candidates need to remember that if they fail a year, they must re-do it by using their own cost. However, if they succeed within that year, they will get the reinstated bursary for the next academic period. In short, they must maintain good academic performance and achievement.

The general subjects offered in Western Cape area are:

·         Radiography

·         Pharmacy

·         Medical Care for Emergency

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·         MBChB Medical

·         Nursing Care

Be advised that these are the common fields generally covered by the bursary. However, the bursary depends on the Department’s needs so it is possible that the offered subjects may be different.

The Requirements

For candidates, there are some general as well as specific requirements that they need to meet so they are qualified for the Western Cape Department of Health Bursary program. The requirements are:

·         They must be the citizens of South Africa

·         They must not have any criminal record

·         They must reside in Western Cape

·         Preferences would be given to candidates from disadvantages background

·         They must provide registration proof within an accredited and reputable higher learning institution at the early financial year

·         They must be approved and accepted at a relevant and accredited institution

·         They must submit exam results to the department in 30 days, which also includes supplementary and also annual results.

How to Apply

There is no online application for this program. Candidates can go to their local municipality, Health Department representative, or local hospitals to get the bursary form – as well as the detailed and complete information about the program. Once they have completed the form, they need to submit it back to the place where they get the form. Be advised that they may have to accompany the application form with supporting documents. The information about what documents they need to provide depends on each province so check with the local department.

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For Western Cape, the availability of the program is unclear although it is available on a yearly basis. Candidates need to go to the local Department of Health or to the local government hospital to get the info about this Western Cape Department of Health Bursary program – including the opening and closing date.


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