Afrisam Bursary for the Financially Struggling Students

Taking part in Afrisam Bursary program can give you a lot of positive opportunity – not only to reach your dream, but also to achieve a better future. A lot of bright and potential students have to deal with blockage when it comes to pursuing their dreams, especially in financial matters. Yes, a higher study can be expensive and it is one of the biggest issues in the educational world. That’s why there are many financial support and programs that are provided and offered to students so they can have the financial help they need without having to sacrifice their dream.

About the Program

Afrisam is a well-known and popular company in South Africa that is known for the impeccable building materials, along with perfect technical expertise and top-notch services. They are offering the financial support as they realize that not potential students can afford their higher degree learning. This is such an unfortunate fact because these young students are the keys to the future.

The Afrisam Bursary is given to those with goal oriented and strong will that is ready to reach the top position. By providing financial help, it is expected that these students can focus on their study rather than struggling with their financial hardship.

The bursaries are only available for certain or specific fields of study, such as:

  • Artisans
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Mining – Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Civil Engineering
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The Requirements

There are some basic and general requirements that all candidates must meet in order to be considered eligible for the Afrisam Bursary program. The requirements are:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must not have any criminal record
  • They must have at least 65% of academic level in their academic record
  • They must show the proof of financial hardship
  • Candidates must take full-time study within the mentioned fields of study
  • Preferences would be given to students from the University of Technology
  • Preferences are given to the second year students

The supporting documents may include (but not limited to):

  • A certified copy of South African ID document
  • An updated CV
  • Certified copies of academic results
  • Proof of financial need
  • A letter that describes the candidates’ reasons to apply for that specific field of study and the reason why Afrisam would be the perfect starting point for their career. The letter shouldn’t be more than 500 words

How to Apply

Candidates need to understand that the application to this bursary is done online. They can visit the official website where they can register to create and account before they can complete the application form. Besides completing the form, they will also have to upload the supporting documents, and then wait for the results. Be advised that these supporting documents are crucial and candidates may not miss a single document – or their application won’t be considered.

The bursary is generally offered annually, which means that it is available on a yearly basis. however, the implementation of the bursary may be different from one year to another, depending on the company’s needs and the available projects. Some programs may be open on the early year while some are open by the end of the year. Interested candidates are expected to check the official site regularly so they can understand whether the Afrisam Bursary program is available or not, and when would be the opening and closing date.

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