Valuable Working Experience with PEP Internship Program

Unemployed youth who want to get a direct professional working experience can think about joining PEP Internship program. When these youth have completed their study but they have zero professional knowledge or zero working experience, then this program will be the ideal place for them. Once candidates have completed their internship program, they should be able to improve their own qualifications and increase their working ability.

About the Program

The PEP Internship program is meant to help the unemployed youth to get a valuable working experience that will be beneficial for the candidates. Through the program, their professional qualification should increase, enabling them to get better work and profession in the future. Through the work-integrated learning program, they are supposed to improve their qualifications and expertise. After all, the programs are available in various contract periods that will be advantageous to participants.

Be advised that participants will have to sign a contract (that may last between 12 months to 36 months period) when they want to participate in the program.

The Requirements

Just like other internship programs, this program has its on standard of measurement and qualification. Interested candidates need to follow these general and basic requirements in order to be qualified for the PEP Internship program. The requirements include:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa that will be proven by a valid ID document
  • They must have completed Grade 12 certificate
  • They must have Diploma TVET N6 in these fields of Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Business Management, Human Resources, Clothing Production, Logistics Management, Retail Management, Financial Management, Sale or/and Marketing Management
  • They must not have criminal record
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There are also several extra requirements for the candidates’ qualification and personal trait, such as:

  • They must be willing to work hard
  • They must be able to have a flexible trait – they can work alone or within a team
  • They must be self-motivated
  • They must have the willingness to study and complete the project as best as possible

How to Apply

Be advised that application will take place online. Interested candidates must click the provided link where they will be taken to another page to complete the application form. Candidates must create an account first before they can log into the website. Once they have logged in, they can complete the application form thoroughly.

Be advised that they may be required to provide supporting documents with the application. Pay attention to this stage because any missing or incomplete document will lead to the application won’t be considered – and then be rejected. The highly likely supporting documents include:

  • A comprehensive, complete, and updated CV
  • A certified copy of South African ID document
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • Certified copies of qualifications, if any

It is advisable that interested candidates have a regular check on the official website so they can learn about the program. They can learn about the availability of the program, the opening date, and also the closing date. It is possible that the terms and conditions for this PEP Internship program would be different from year to year.