Vacancies in Midrand: A Guide for South African in Finding Jobs

Another area in Gauteng Province that becomes a reflection of current economy in South Africa is Midrand. Midrand is one out of 8 tourism hubs in South Africa that shows great economy growth. Thus, more vacancies in Midrand are added to have better improvement.

Being one of the most visited area in South Africa, Midrand has some top companies where you can learn, work, and get paid at the same time. It can be a good chance for South African to find what interest they have in choosing jobs.

The following information can be used for your references in finding the suitable jobs in Mindrand. When you have found the right position, make sure that you will prepare for your best and fill all the requirements they ask for.

vacancies in Midrand
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Anglo American

When you are into mining companies, the name of Anglo American is one of the largest companies in the world. Based in the UK, this company has served the customers all over the world.

This company isn’t offering any job vacancies at the moment. Yet, they often announce the hiring of finance process analyst to join them in Midrand. There would be some duties that this role has. They are interviewing the process improvement, reviewing internal documentations, validating policies, reporting documents, and also developing system.

Before applying, a Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting or Commerce is important. The applicants should have good understanding about accounting, risk, SAP, and HFM systems. You should also have strong skills in financial process and project management.

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A company from Belgium that usually offers vacancies in Midrand is BDO. This private company runs in accounting has been around since 1963. As one of the largest tier of global accounting institutions, BDO s in the urge of finding new employees.

This company is opening their SAICA trainee accountant with 3 year training contract. In order to register yourself as a Chartered Accountant, they can start their journey by learning the expertise in specified sectors.

When you have decided to choose BDO, you need to have Honours or CTA or other equivalent level qualification in the university with SAICA recognized. For those who apply, they need to have ability in communicating, clients liaison, and also problem solving. Besides, they should be willing to work in diverse team.

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Old Mutual

People might have wanted to work in Old Mutual which has operated since 1845. This investment banking and asset management company has provided its best service quality and proven their ability from their branches in more than 30 nations.

Old Mutual is currently looking for group treasury senior specialist to grow together and reach broad exposure. The duties of treasury senior specialist are delivering strategies related to projects, driving initiatives, and also negotiating. However, this position sometimes needs to monitor the subsidiaries on current cash.

Moreover, there are some requirements that you need to provide in order to get the job. The applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree of Finance or Banking with 6 years of working experience in treasury. They should have strong communication skills and also organizing skills.

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When you really like to work in a software and network company, GitLab is a private company that has its branches in Midrand. This company has participated in facilitating the developers and helping them fulfill what they need in the world of business.

In GitLab Midrand, currently there is no vacancy available. However, they usually seek some integration engineers. This position has some responsibilities such as developing integration flow, collaborating and reviewing code along with other developers, and also maintaining consistent level of technical standards.

Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering and Science is important to apply for this position. As this job requires you to write codes, the applicants should be able to understand the basics code of databases. It would be highly beneficial when you have some experiences in SaaS and also B2B.

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From Switzerland, there is a public company named ABB that runs in electrical and also electronic manufacturing. They have committed their best to lead the industrial digitalization which can affect other companies for more improvement.

ABB is looking for a channel partner manager at the moment. This position will be responsible for executing marketing, maintain effective sales, implementing sales strategies, and defining key targets. When there are some detailed business plans, partner manager also needs to ensure that they have followed the standards and reached the goals.

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In applying for this position, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering. For those who have already had more than 10 years of working experiences in T&D industries. Besides, the communication skills, negotiation skills, and also excellent understanding of software solution might be important too.

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An accounting private company from England that has its branches in Midrand, South Africa is EY. This company is a global leader when it comes to assurance and also tax services. They have been trusted by the successful companies to take over their tax services.

Unfortunately, EY isn’t opening up their vacancies at the moment. Yet, they generally offer South African to apply the position of credit risk senior associate. This job will mainly work in the Division of Financial Service Risk Management. They will have to provide assistance, design methodologies, report the risk sensitivities, and assess reliability and consistency.

The minimum qualification of this position is having Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting or Tax. Besides, the applicants should have years of experiences in relevant field.

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Standard Chartered Bank

When you are looking for some vacancies in Midrand, you will find out that Standard Chartered Bank is one of them. This public finance company has operated for more than 150 years in Asia, Africa, and also Middle East.

Generally, there is position that always needed from time to time, being a relationship manager. However, this vacancy is currently unavailable at the moment. If you are interested in this job, you need to know some of their duties. They are leading sales with clients, identify prospect, liaising with clients, overseeing quality, and also dealing execution.

The minimum requirement to be a relationship manager is having a Bachelor’s Degree of Communication or equivalent degree. Moreover, the applicants should have had at least 3 years of working experience as a relationship manager. It includes having good communication skills too.

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For those who need help about the engineering or management technical services, Aurecon will be ready to help. This consulting private company will be able to help you because of its trustworthiness and reliability.

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Currently, Aurecon is looking for a graduate administrator. This job will mainly deal with drawing up contracts, conducting integrity checks, liaising with finance team, and many more.

For the qualifications, people with tertiary qualifications in HR or related field with 2 years of administrative experiences are preferable. Moreover, the applicants should be able to have the ability to make productive and effective liaison with the senior leaderships.

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The expert of advertising and marketing which has been working since 1948 is Ogilvy. It is a company that has been around in 83 countries and it has had more than 130 companies spread all over the world.

Ogilvy usually seeks the applicants who want to work as a mid strategic planner, however, this vacancy is currently unavailable. They will mainly be responsible for providing insight from the consumers to find what trends are happening and acting as a partner in providing the leadership.

The qualifications to fulfill for this job are having a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication or relevant degree. The applicants should also have at least 5 years of experience as a consumer planner. It would be preferable when the interested applicants have extensive knowledge of communications planning and consumer insight development.

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In Midrand, Oracle is one of the public company runs in enterprise software and also network solution. Its presence has attracted the clients to trust their software issues on this company.

Currently, Oracle is hiring fusion developer to fill their permanent job. This fusion developer has his main duties such as generating technical design, reviewing design, presenting concepts, and configuring the WebLogic Server.

For the interested applicants, they need to have at least 5 to 8 years development experiences. Besides, they should also have strong understanding of the system architecture and system integration.

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As a conclusion, vacancies in Midrand are available for the interested applicants. They could maximize their potential and also skills while working in big companies or institutions.

Working in big companies can bring a lot of benefits such as great salary, good experience, experienced teamwork, and also promising future. When some of these vacancies have grabbed your interests, it can be a good kick off to begin your journey and experience new things.

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