Trainee Cargo Coordinator Position at Transnet

Those who want to have a working experience in Transnet Freight Rail as Trainee Cargo Coordinator can apply for the job. If you think you have the passion and the skills to meet the requirements, then you should take part in the program. This is one opportunity that generally happens annually, so don’t miss it out. If you really want to gain the best opportunity and outcome while gaining valuable experience along the way, then you should check the company’s official site and have an honest assessment of your own qualifications and skills.

Competencies in Knowledge and Skills

Trainee Cargo Coordinator program
Trainee Cargo Coordinator program

To be successful in Trainee Cargo Coordinator program needs to have the following competencies to succeed in the position:

  • Have Grade 12 certificate or diploma
  • The ability to plan everything in details
  • Have the knowledge in Safety and Health Act
  • Have good communication skills and also the ability to interact with other people
  • The ability to drive and have a driver license code B
  • Have good computer skills – any familiarity with other programs would be an added bonus
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Have good writing skills and also the ability to compose formal documents or letters
  • Be able to work in shifts
  • Have positive manner and attitude that can inspire and support others
  • Have the ability to do proactive work
  • Able to work in a team and work together with other members or staffs

·         Possess good integrity and confidence

·         Be ready of undergoing safety or functional training as well as doing relieved duties

The Requirements

Applicants for Trainee Cargo Coordinator program are required to have and submit the following documentation:

·         Grade 12 certificate

·         Copies of valid driver’s license (Code B) along the application

Keep in mind that the application processing will only take place through the official website or portal at Applications sent via email won’t be considered. It is crucial to note that all the documents and requirements should be submitted along the application. Applicants who don’t include the requirements won’t be considered and the application will fail.

How to Apply

People who have the determination and passion to the (advertised) position can go to Transnet Internet website and register at the Career section. They need to fill out their profile’s details before applying for the position.

Another alternative is to complete their CV before submitting it. Be sure to include the information about the interested post, email address, and other crucial information. The deadline is on August the 6th 2019. It is imperative that all applicants have made sure that the Human Resource Department has got the application before the due date. Successful applicants will be notified soon – at least within the 30 days after the closing date. Those who haven’t received any notification after 30 days from the deadline to consider their application as unsuccessful.

Transnet doesn’t require or ask for any fee for the application. Applicants must not pay any kind of fare, fee, or cost for the application. In any event of corruption or fraud, please contact the toll free hotline number at 0800 003 056 or send an email at [email protected] for Trainee Cargo Coordinator program.

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