Aurecon Learnership Programme

If you have the passion to work in engineering and you want to gain the experience from the best, Aurecon Learnership will provide good opportunity for you. The 2018-2019 Learnership is opened to eager and determined candidates who want to learn from the expert.

About the Learnership

Companies can be strong as each of the individual workforce. At Aurecon, they realize that each individual has its own value and meaning. They also believe that they should empower not only the educated and skilled leaders but also in young talents. That’s why they create the learnership program and invest in it to gain and support promising candidates that want to succeed as well as gaining valuable experience in the field from the experts. Anyone who has the passion and the determination in Engineering field is welcomed to apply and join the company. The company itself will be happy to welcome and accept passionate and hard-work candidates, especially those who are willing to learn and work.

There are different learnership programs available, but the most popular ones are in the field of:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

The Requirements

Those who are interested in taking part in this Aurecon Learnership program should meet these requirements:

  • They must submit and include a detailed CV along with the contactable references, contact details, and other information that is important and related to the application
  • They should also submit certified copies of all relevant ID, proof of address, and certificates that aren’t older than 3 months
  • The applicants must be South Africans – the permanent residents and also citizens of South Africa
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In terms of skills, they are required to:

  • Have Matric with Beng or BSc in Mechanical/ Civil/ Electrical Engineering
  • Have the ability to write, speak, and read English fluently
  • Be able to operate computers
  • Be unemployed – in terms that that they mustn’t have any permanent employment during the time of application
  • Be a team player and self-motivated
  • Have at least 12 months of working experience
  • Have the flexibility and also the commitment to learn and work

All candidates who have gone through the screening process will be examined and checked for:

  • All (or any) credit records
  • Any document falsification
  • All the references with the previous employers, if any
  • Any registered employees after the dismissal processes
  • Criminal record

How to Apply

All applicants must understand and realize that all the processes will be taking place through online processing. There are several website portals where candidates can access and apply, such as:

  • The official website

Candidates are welcomed to access those websites and apply directly on it.

The closing date depends on each department and category. In general, the closing dates are taking place either in August or February. It is imperative that candidates must understand the requirements (including the details of all the requirements) before sending their application. The application should be accompanied by the certified documentation. Make sure that they meet the standard required by the company. The successful candidates will get the notification and then the offer related to Aurecon Learnership program from the company.