Specialized Auxiliary Service Assistant in Steve Biko Academic Hospital

South African might have been experiencing with poverty and high rate of unemployment from time to time. It could be the shortages of job vacancies, lacks of skills, or improper knowledge they have. In order to solve this problem, Gauteng Department of Education wants to participate in giving proper training and qualifications for those who wish to work in a medical field as specialized auxiliary service assistant.

Some people might prefer working in a medical field. It is because this job has its significant difficulties that others might not be able to do. Therefore, they will have a lot to learn and it will gain them knowledge which will be useful in the future. What are the responsibilities of a specialized auxiliary service assistant that they have to deal with?

In the following information, you will be able to find out all details related to this position and the location where to work. Do not worry, the salary will be mentioned there as well. Furthermore, there will be the details about the requirements and how to apply for the job too. Make sure that you make no mistakes in attaching and forwarding the applications properly.

Specialized Auxiliary Service Assistant
Specialized Auxiliary Service Assistant on Cleveland State Community College

Programme Description

Position: Specialized Auxiliary Service Assistant

Recruiter: Gauteng Department of Education

Location: Steve Biko Academic Hospital

Salary: R122 595 per annum with benefit

Reference number: SBAH 67/2020


  • Assisting in general operational task and administration of Occupational Therapy Department
  • Translating for Occupational Therapist during the language barriers
  • Assisting with cleaning OT equipment and tools for treating all the patients
  • Helping the goods collecting for the OT Department
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  • Grade 12/ Matric
  • Having the ability to communicate in many languages is a must
  • Being able to work independently and in a team
  • Both written and verbal communication skills are important
  • Having the ability to work in a fast-pace environment
  • Basic computer skills will be an advantage
  • Willing to learn for new things daily
  • Having strong passion to execute tasks properly
  • Being able to manage time well


In order to complete the application processes, the applicants need to attach these following documents.

  • An updated application form in the form of Z83 which is obtainable from any Public Service department
  • A certified copy of Identity document
  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certified copies of academic records
  • Copies of qualifications certificate

All of these important documents should be forwarded to Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Private Bag X169, Pretoria, 0001. You could also hand deliver them to Cnr Malherbe and Steve Biko Road, Main Entrance at Level 3.

As this academic hospital has dedicated and committed to diversity and equality, those who have the chances to promote race, gender, and disabilities will get more preferences and privilege. Fail to complete all the documents or late submission will cause your application get disqualification.


For any enquiries that you have, you can contact Mr. T. Ncwane in (012) 354 1665. You will be able to get the answer from the frequently asked questions that you have in mind.

Closing Date

Any application received on or after 13 November 2020 will not be considered.