Stanlib Careers Offer Tecnical Specialist Positions

Stanlib Careers through Liberty Group Limited or Liberty Health offers vacancies as tecnical spesialists. The duties of technical spesialists are to make sure that all product and service rules, costs, and relevant master files are loaded, verified, tested, as well as maintained on the Liberty Health operating system. It needs to be well-controlled to make sure that all claims are processed correctly (both paid and rejected payment).

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Vacancies Details

Knowledge                                                                     Level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Claims                                                                              Advanced

Regulatory requirements                                             Intermediate

Scheme Rules/Product Rules                                      Intermediate

Medical Aid Industry / Health Insurance                 Intermediate

Membership/Contributions/Premiums                   Basic

Medware                                                                        Intermediate


Skills                                                                                 Level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Computer skills – MS Office (specifically Excel)       Intermediate

Interpersonal Skills                                                        Basic

Written and verbal communication                           Intermediate

Attention to detail                                                         Advanced

Methodical thinking, accuracy                                    Advanced

Problem solving                                                             Intermediate


Education                                                                       Essential / Advantageous

Matric                                                                              Essential

Relevant Certificate / Diploma                                   Advantageous


Type of Experience                        Industry                             Years     Essential / Advantageous

Technical Specialist                        Health / Insurance           3 – 4      Essential

Medical Aid/Health Insurance     Health / Insurance           3 – 5       Essential

Claims                                                Health / Insurance           1 – 2       Essential

Premium / Membership                Health / Insurance           1 – 2       Advantageous


Behavioural Attributes

Adhering to Principles and Values


Applying Expertise and Technology

Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations

Following Instructions and Procedures

Planning & Organising

Presenting and Communicating Information

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Working with People


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Closing Date

Closing date for this position on Stanlib Careers is on October 19, 2020.