10 South Africa University Vacancies for Academic Position

Some people might have more interest in working in university because of the ambiance. They said that the ambiance creates great positivity and peaceful mind. That might be why people are seeking for more and more presence of South Africa university vacancies.

Choosing the vacancies in universities doesn’t always mean that you have to work as a lecturer or professor. You can choose whatever jobs or positions that give you good earning and peaceful mind at the same time. The following information will display some vacancies to work in universities in South Africa.


University of South Africa, UNISA, is a university located in Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria. Currently, there are three available vacancies in UNISA especially in Department of Chemistry and School of Interdisciplinary Research

In Department of Chemistry, there is a job as an associate professor. This associate professor will be responsible for conducting researches and improving the value of the university. You need to have at least a doctorate title with the expertise in Physical Chemistry. If you are interested to work with research, you can apply as research support consultant. You need to have a magister degree and at least 6 years of experiences in applied research.

In order to apply for this job, you need to complete all the documents such as CV, work permits, permanent residence permit, academic transcript and also SAQA verifications. When you are applying for academic position, you need to have a teaching statement.

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University of Cape Town, UCT, is currently looking for employees to work in Faculty of Law and Health Sciences. If you wish to be a professor and lecturer, you can apply these jobs in the Faculty of Law. Both of these positions require LLM degree for lecturer and PhD for professor and strong academic record with teaching experiences in tertiary level.

They have the responsibilities to give teaching course in LLB program either in preliminary level and intermediate level. They also need to make sure that the law students have developed their skills for both writing and learning. Supervising the postgraduate students is also one of the duties of both professor and lecturers.

When you are interested in the jobs offered, you can email some documents to the recruitments. These documents are CV, application form, cover letter and academic transcripts. These should be sent not longer than 15 July 2020.

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One of South Africa university vacancies can be found in UKZN, University of KwaZulu-Natal, is taking on new employees. This university is looking for a professor and senior lecturer.

The professor and senior lecturer will be responsible for teaching the undergraduate courses, especially power electronics. They will also have to develop some researches and undertake some administrative duties.

When you are interested to apply for both positions, you need to have at least a PhD degree in the field of electrical engineering. A few years of teaching experiences in tertiary university are also important. Being a professor also requires to show the research collaboration network internationally.

You also need to complete all the documents required in order to be a good candidate. Application letter, CV, cover letter, and academic transcript should have been prepared to complete your application.

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If you are looking for South Africa university vacancies especially in North West, you might be interested in what NWU offers. NWU, North West University has three campuses which are situated in Potchefstroom, Vanderbijlpark, and also Mahikeng.

Currently, this university is looking for senior lecturer to work in the Faculty of Health Science School of Psychology and Consumer Sciences. The main purpose of hiring new senior lecturer are making improving contributions for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Besides, senior lecturer needs to supervise the students on the level of PhD.

In order to apply this job, the candidates need to have years of experiences in research about nutrition and diets. You also need to have basic knowledge, competencies and personal interest in relevant field.

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University of Witwatersrand, WITS, is a multi-campus public research university that is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. As they handle a few campuses, they need more employees to fill the vacant positions in the university. This university is currently looking for lecturers to work in School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Department.

These lecturers’ positions are divided into lecturer for Applied Mathematics, lecturer for Numerical Analysis, and lecturer for optimization. These lecturers will deal with researches related to mathematics of finance, risk management, and stochastic finance processes. He also needs to guide the undergraduate students in the same field.

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The applicants need to have Doctorate degree in either Applied Mathematics or Numerical Analysis. While the lecturer for optimization needs to have at least Doctorate degree in Optimization. Applicants also need to show their researches publications, current researches, and proven teaching experiences in tertiary institutions.

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South Africa University Vacancies
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Located in Bellville town near the Cape Town, University of Western Cape or UWC, this public school has struggled against discrimination and oppression. For now, University of Western Cape is looking for a researcher to work for 1 and a half year contract.

This researcher will be responsible for designing situational analysis and interviewer guide and finding countless relevant literature to support the methodology. He has to be able to develop the methodology for the projects to bring up with good results. Working with project manager, the researcher needs to ensure that the projects are done successfully.

A PhD degree and in-depth knowledge are essential to conduct researches. The applicant also needs to have good understanding of education policy, team management, and writing skills. Further, the applicant needs to have for years of experiences with research projects.

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University of the Free State, UFS, is one of the oldest public university that is located in Bloemfontein. This university has been internationally famous for its human reconciliation and good academic achievement. UFS is currently looking for administrative officer.

This position will deal with administrative finance and also daily reports and handle correspondence. Sometimes, you will need to give planning for the university to reach better. If you have interest in applying this position, you need to complete all the documents needed.

They are CV, application letter, copy of academic transcript, copy of SAQA accreditation and also proof registration with professional body. It would be preferable when you have some experiences in relevant field.

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University of Pretoria

One of the top universities and the largest networking in South Africa is University of Pretoria. When you have been dreaming on working in this university, there is a job opportunity that you can take. This university is currently looking for a deputy director to work in the Department of Finance.

A deputy director should be dealing with resources and risk management, financial management, budget planning, and also strategic and operational management. As he will mostly make decision, these knowledge and skills are very important to have.

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The requirements of a deputy director are Chartered Accountant with 8 years working experience in financial environment with resources and risk management, financial management, budget planning, and also strategic and operational management. Some experiences in managing division and management role are essential too.

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Stellenbosch University

Working in Stellenbosch University might be an ideal dream as you might want to work in a public research university. This oldest university is located in the province of Western Cape. Stellenbosch University is looking for professor or senior lecturer to be a part of this university.

Later, the candidate accepted will be working in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The main duties of a professor or senior lecturer are fostering academic environment in tertiary level and also giving supervision and guidance for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Moreover, they also need to participate in research innovation and strategic leadership in the division.

When you want to apply, you need to have at least MMed degree or FC Ophth with proven record of competences in ophthalmic surgeries. The registration as a specialist in Ophthalmology is important to attach too. Besides, you also have to be recognized nationally as a specialist ophthalmologist.

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University of Johannesburg

South Africa university vacancies are available in University of Johannesburg. This cosmopolitan university is looking for some senior lecturers to work in Department of Accountancy and Economics. When you have interest in this job, you need to know about the duties and the requirements of this position.

Senior lecturers are responsible for conducting researches and also taking part in any research activities and community engagement activities. They will also perform academic duties and university committee duties. Besides, they have to publish their research into a journal regularly.

The requirements to work as a senior lecturers are having doctor’s degree and master degree for chartered management accountant. They also have the abilities to operate computer and Ms. Words. For the behavioral attributes, the candidates have to have good management skills, interpersonal skill, and organizing skills.

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As a conclusion, most universities are looking for senior lecturer, lecturer, or professor. These positions are available to develop the researches to have the university grown and developed nationally and internationally.