10 Rope Access Jobs South Africa: Great Opportunity Great Salary

Most people don’t like dangerous things to be their job to earn money. They prefer having good position or job that gives low salary rather than dangerous job with high income. As jobs seem hard to find, people don’t mind taking rope access jobs South Africa to make a living and continue their lives.

Rope access jobs are some kinds of jobs that involve scaling, cabling, drilling, and other activities they do using rope. These techniques are done without the aids of scaffoldings or stairs because they couldn’t reach high skyscrapers or outdoor surfaces. Here are some references of jobs related to rope access in South Africa.


It seems like NAIVAS HOLDINGS is one of the biggest supermarket chain that was initiated in Kenya. It has expanded a lot and it has had more than 60 outlets as per March 2020.

Currently, NAIVAS HOLDINGS is looking for a few rope access technicians who are going to work in Johannesburg, South Africa. Those who want to apply in this position should be people who live in Johannesburg. They need to have this position filled quickly.

If you are at least 18 years old and you are physically fit, this job might fit into you well. You shouldn’t be afraid of the height and you shouldn’t have problems with medical issues. More importantly, you need to be responsible with the tasks given to you.

Check the website here.

Ecowize Group

Ecowize is one of those sanitation and hygiene service providers which can be found in South Africa. This company has run its business to protect food and beverages industries and also healthcare industries. Currently, they are looking for a supervisor especially level 2 and level 3 rope access.

Level 2 rope access needs to be able to demonstrate the technician skill in level one. They need to have at least hundreds of working hours while level 3 needs more than 1000 hours. Besides, level 3 also requires one year experiences.

This supervisor will work in Kempton Park, Gauteng. He will be responsible for providing leadership, ensuring the safety management, and ensuring all cleaning services have been professionally done. Sometimes, supervisor also attends the clients’ meeting to evaluate further.

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Check the website here.

Asante Dinoko

In South Africa, Asante Dinoko is a leading company that focuses on engineering and industrial supply and also environmental services. This company is looking for a live rope access lashing positions. There are several positions available to apply, they are 8 positions for level 1 technician, 4 for level 2 and another 4 for level 3 technician.

As they are looking for the full-time position and permanent job, you need to be responsible with the tasks and the job. That is why you need to ensure that you are capable with the responsibilities before applying.

Being physically fit and having at least one year experiences are needed in order to get the job. If you think that you are the one with these abilities, you can freely apply to work in Midrand. You could get the job and start earning money.

Check the website here.


This company that focuses on staff recruitment has been around for more than 5 years. It has dealt with lots of clients in all levels providing on-site trainings and proper training for the staffs. Doncour is currently looking for rope access level 2 and level 3 supervisor.

Level 2 and level 3 supervisor technicians are needed to work in Durban, South Africa. There are some requirements to fulfill if you want to get the job and start to work. As they will work as both level 2 and 3 supervisor, it is essential to have certificate in both levels. You also need to have previous experiences in food industries for years. It would be preferable when you have a driver license.

The duties of this jobs are managing the staffs to complete the tasks given and overseeing the whole jobs that have been completed. They also need to ensure the clients’ satisfaction.

Check the website here.

Tan Engineering Solutions

As a company that runs its business in distributor and also logistics industry, Tan Engineering Solution keeps on expanding. No wonder, this company is searching for more and more rope access technician to work full time.

Those candidates have to stay in the area of Johannesburg in order to get the job. As this position needs to be filled as soon as possible, only those who live in Johannesburg can apply.

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Since you will do a lot of physical tasks, it would be better when you have physically fit body. You also shouldn’t be afraid to work in skyscrapers to do tasks. Unless you can fulfill these requirements, you aren’t suitable to fill this position.

Check the website here.

Vertical Logic

Rope Access Jobs South Africa
Rope access jobs on gravitytraining.co.za

Another rope access jobs South Africa is also available at Vertical Logic. It is a company that runs the business in rope access. This company is looking for safety officer to work in full time position. When you want to apply in this job, you need to agree to do the 2 month probation.

There are some document requirements that need to be prepared. They are driver license, SAMTRAC or NEBOSCH and HIRA certificate, and Fall Protection Planner certificate. You also need to attach CV and other additional certifications. It would be better when you have already had work experiences.

The duties of safety officers are conducting risk assessments, discussing with clients to meet certain goals and conducting internal audits. Safety officers will also compile site safety files, ensure the safety inspection, be on sites, and oversee the whole safety aspect of the company.

Check the website here.


If you want to work in a company that runs in legal search engine, Neuvoo is the reliable company to begin with. Currently this company is looking for a rope access technician to work in Johannesburg, South Africa. This job is available for full time position.

When you want to work in this position, you need to be hardworking and industrious. You should be physically fit and able to work in height. If you are afraid to work dealing with danger, you shouldn’t apply for this position.

A rope access technician will manage all the tasks given and ensure that there will be no harm in the company. Sometimes you will be asked to make sure that all the tasks have been completely done.

Check the website here.


Probably working in Sandvik is one of your ideal jobs you could ever have. Sandvik is a group that focuses on engineering in mining and also rock excavation. It is also able to deal with metal-cutting too. This company is currently looking for a service contract technician to work in Delmas, Mpumalanga.

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The duties of a service contract technician are providing technical support in mechanical maintenance and giving preventive maintenance. Besides, they also will conduct risk assessment based on standard procedure and show the operation level improvements.

What are the requirements to get the job? You need to have at least N3 technical qualification or grade 12 and section 13 trade certificate. Operating the basic computer and having English proficiency are preferable. Years of experience in mining, PLC system, and MC400 series are essential, too.

Check the website here.


A company that provides services in water, infection prevention and also hygiene located in South Africa is Ecolab. As this company keeps expanding from time to time, it is currently in the urge of service specialists to be part of the company especially in Johannesburg

The minimum qualifications needed are 2-year experience of pest technician with high school qualification of GED. Besides, there are some physical standards that you need to fulfill before applying. For example, the physical abilities of the candidates need to have the ability to bring heavy chest, wear respirator, and more.

Service specialists will be responsible for performing the lifting, crouching, kneeling, stooping, balancing, and many more based on the tasks. They need to make sure that the service they have will satisfy the customers.

Check the website here.

Mirror Images

When you are looking for rope access jobs South Africa, you can also have a chance to work at Mirror Images. This office automation company is looking for a technical supervisor who will be working in Nelspruit or Mpumalanga.

This technical supervisor will be responsible for planning and coordinating all installations. He also needs to provide feedback for the service controller, manage some projects, and make sure the pre-install surveys for sites have been done. These might not as easy as it may sound yet it will be worth the money.

The basic qualifications needed are matric, and A+ N+ qualification. It would be preferable when you have 2 to 3 years of experiences. Project Management experiences are important for getting the jobs too.

Check the website here.

In conclusion, if you are interested in finding rope access jobs South Africa, these 10 companies might need you. You need to fulfill all the requirements needed and be ready to start to work.