Sasol Bursary Program – The Financial Support for the Qualified Ones

If you want to continue your education to a higher degree, you should be thinking about joining Sasol Bursary Program. The company has always offered a financial support on a yearly basis. There is a program open for 2021 period and you can be sure that you can enjoy the many programs offered by the company. They have dedicated themselves on the crucial development and growth for graduates and also scholars.

About the Program

The Sasol Bursary program is about offering a comprehensive (and crucial) package covering development and also financial support to the potential and promising candidates for the entire study period. The bursaries are awarded or given for students applying for full-time university subjects in science and also engineering.

Sasol Foundation is offering all talented and potential individuals all-inclusive bursaries, especially for those who are planning a full-time study towards a postgraduate or undergraduate Diploma or Degree to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) careers as well as the non-STEM ones. The financial help will be extended further to students who want to study towards social sciences and health profession, amongst the others.


The program consists of:

  • University of Technology bursaries. The programs are designed for candidates who want to pursue B Eng Tech or Diploma Degrees at a University of Technology
  • Undergraduate bursaries. The programs are designed for candidates who want to pursue Bachelor Degree in Science or Engineering. The level also includes Honor Degree
  • Postgraduate Bursaries. The programs are designed for candidates who are completing or have completed their degrees. They want to pursue a Doctorate or Master study in Engineering or Science subject
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The bursaries are covering these following elements:

  • Registration, university tuition fees, and exam fees 100% of the prescribed (and trusted) university
  • An enough amount for meals (which are based on 3 meals a day, which is determined by the university)
  • An enough amount equal to the average (and standard) rate for a single room accommodation within the university’s residence
  • The amount that is more or less equal to R12000 an annum for pocket money and books

The Requirements

In order to qualify for this Sasol Bursary program, candidates must meet these basic requirements, including:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charges
  • They must be within the standard age range for the financial help
  • Further requirements will be requested more late

How to Apply

Interested candidates will have to perform online application. Candidates will have to visit this link to get to the official website, so they can login or to register. The advantage of registering in the website is that you can see the various available vacancies or offers. Choose one that you are interested in. Once they have chosen a vacancy or a position, make sure to complete the application form and to provide the required supporting documents.

The deadline is on April the 30th 2020. Be sure to provide the required important documentation and make sure not to send the application late for this Sasol Bursary program.