Sappi Electrical Apprenticeship Program for Those Wanting to Be Professionals

If you have the passion in electricity and want to gain the knowledge (as well as the experience) as the Artisan in Electrical Trade, then it would be logical to take part in Sappi Electrical Apprenticeship program. Through such a program, candidates would be taken to explore the real world of professionalism and hard work. Through the same program, you will learn the depth of this trade – knowing the key factors and elements to make you a successful and skillful Artisan. And the best thing about the program is that you won’t have to pay anything. On the contrary, you will get a sort of allowance during the program.

About the Program

Sappi Stanger Mill is opening their door wide to potential candidates who want to get thorough and overall knowledge of Electrical field. Through the Sappi Electrical Apprenticeship program, candidates will be taken to experience a workplace setting and atmosphere in real life. They will get training sessions at the professional standard facilities, directly dealing with the right equipment or tools for the job.

The company understands that the lack of professional workers is one of the reasons why industry and economy can’t move forward – at least not in the pace that they want to. That’s why they provide and offer the program to motivate and train the qualified and potential talents. They know that there are many skilled and potential talents out there that haven’t been spotted. The program is designed to discover those talents through the right and proper screening process.

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The company is offering a lot of different programs for different Artisans. For this Electric sector, there will be 2 available spots. The role has to report to Learning Manager. The program is a temporary one and it will include these considerations:

  • Candidates will have to take part in all (relevant) training so they can be considered qualified as professional Artisan. They will get the training through SETA Approved (training) facility.
  • They will have to go through workplace experimental training within Sappi Stanger Mill
  • They will be required to undergo other training sessions in order to prepare them for professional workplace
  • They will have to go through Trade Test examination and preparation so they can qualify as professional and skilled Artisan
  • Candidates will get an allowance following Sappi remuneration policy

The Requirements

In order to qualify as candidates for this Sappi Electrical Apprenticeship program, candidates must meet these requirements, which may include:

  • They are citizens of South Africa
  • They must have completed Grade 12 or Matric
  • They must have Grade 12 Certificate
  • They must not have any criminal record
  • They must have good command of English

How to Apply

Candidates need to be aware that applications will take place online. They will have to visit this link or come to the official site at and browse around the site. They will have to complete the application form and provide detailed information about themselves.  For now, there is no information about the required documentation for the program, but be advised to stay prepared.

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The deadline is on February the 28th 2020. Late application won’t be considered. Be advised that candidates who aren’t contacted by the admission board within 14 days after the deadline should consider themselves to be unsuccessful for this Sappi Electrical Apprenticeship program.