Sanlam Actuarial Science Student Bursary Financial Support

Getting the financial support and help from qualified organization, such as Sanlam Actuarial Science Student Bursary program, can truly help in the time of hardship. Thinking about continuing your study to a higher level? Wanting to achieve professional career through solid educational background? Then this bursary program can be the best option. The financial help is provided for the potential students with impressive educational achievement, designed to alleviate their burden while pursuing a higher degree or educational level.

About the Program

Sanlam is providing financial support for students with impressive and perfect academic achievement. This program is known as Actuarial Sanlam Actuarial Science Student Bursary program that is created as a part of the organization’s commitment to their trade. They try to recognize that one matter should be a master in their trade support (a part of key ingredient). They are offering financial assistance to students wanting to sign up for Actuarial Science in 2021 period.

What can the candidates get from this financial support?

  • They will get the general allowance, especially for pocket money and books
  • They will get accommodation and tuition fees
  • They can get academic and mentoring support from Sanlam’s actuarial professionals
  • They will enjoy getting the opportunity of different work rotation across a wide spectrum of disciplines
  • They will get a continuous payment and support towards the actuarial board exams
  • They can get the opportunity of networking and vacation work with Sanlam group and staff
  • They will get a guaranteed employment after they have completed their study
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The Bursary’s Target

The Admission Board is looking for potential and promising South African citizens who enjoy challenge and have good maths skills – and they like solving (and dealing with) difficult problems. They are looking for candidates who have a good focus during the study period and who are willing to remain discipline throughout the training period. These are the potential candidates sought by the board.

The Requirements

In general, the requirements for Sanlam Actuarial Science Student Bursary program include these elements:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charges
  • They must have above 90% of score in Mathematics as well as within overall A aggregate
  • When candidates include their CV, it should focus on Leadership Skills and Academic Extra-Mural activities

Candidates must be able to provide a motivational letter answering these questions:

  • What do they understand about actuary profession, in their own words?
  • Why they study the subject? State their reasons to study Actuarial Science
  • Why they believe that they are qualified as an Actuary?
  • Why should Sanlam organization choose them as the bursary holder?
  • Why would they do (what other career paths that they will choose) if they aren’t successful in becoming a professional actuary?

How to Apply

Interested students should know that they must perform and complete online application if they want to qualify for this program. They must visit this website and complete the application. During the completion and when submitting, they will have to include these supporting documents:

  • An updated and comprehensive CV
  • A certified copy of South African ID document
  • A result of Final Grade 11 as well as results from Grade 12 mid-year
  • A motivational letter to support the application
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The deadline is on June the 30th 2020. Late submission for this Sanlam Actuarial Science Student Bursary program will not be accepted.