PPC Bursary for South Africans 2018-19

South African students who are interested in pursuing a higher degree qualifications in any Mining related fields of study are welcomed to apply for the PPC Bursary for South Africans 2018-19. This funding program aims to support students who are unable to fulfil their financial obligations by awarding qualified candidates full coverage that includes tuition fees as well as accommodation and meals. Apply today if interested!

Bursary Description


PPC Ltd was established in 1892. It is a South Africans supplier of cement and all the relevant products. As of today, the company’s production capacity reaches almost 11.5 million tons of cement every year. It has the largest aggregate production capacity in the country. The company has 11 factory all across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Rwanda as well as DRC.

As a way to help high achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds to have easier access to higher education, the company is proud to offer the PPC Bursary for South Africans 2018-19. The bursary is open to students interested in studying in one of the following fields of study:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mining engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • All programs that are environmentally oriented

The bursary will provide coverage for study related expenses such as meals, accommodation and tuition fees. Upon graduation, qualified candidates will be required to take up employment at PPC for the same amount of duration as the bursary that has been awarded. The employment is subject to availability in the company.

Entry Criteria

In order to be eligible, students must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must live in the surrounding areas where the mine operates
  • Must be in matric or have completed matric
  • Must intend on studying within one of the programs mentioned above at a recognised University or University of Technology in South Africa as a full time students
  • Must meet the minimum entry requirements for admission at the institution in your chosen study program
  • Proven financial need
  • Geology, Engineering as well as Science degree students must achieved at least level 6 for Science and Maths in Matric

Application Submission

There is no official closing date for this bursary call. The submission of applications is open all year round.

Students interested in applying for the PPC Bursary for South Africans 2018-19 can apply in one of the following ways:

  • Online

Please commence your application here. You will be required to register an account first before logging in to complete the application. Please use the promo code F2018.

  • Manual

please download the application form and the complete it in full. Along with the form, you must submit the following documents as well:

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Photograph (passport size)
  • Final results of grade 11 for current matric candidates
  • Matric certificate for candidates who have completed matric
  • Proof of admission into a tertiary institution
  • Full academic record to date for applicants who are currently in a tertiary level

Please submit your application via one of the following ways:

Fax: 086 609 7183

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Email: [email protected]

Post:      Career Wise (Pty) Ltd

PO Box 30632