PIC Bursary for Unemployed

In improving the quality of lives of South African, The Public Investment Corportation SOC Ltd (PIC) offers PIC bursary for unemployed. The availability of this bursary will facilitate those youths who might be previously disadvantaged from other relevant bursaries. Thus, when you think that you are capable of showing the business potential, they will get more chance to get the bursary.

They will be able get their degree or title in detailed field of study from the professionals. That might answer why this bursary requires dedication, determination, and also hard work from the applicants. This following information might be useful for you in getting the bursary.

PIC Bursary
PIC Bursary on All Bursaries South Africa

Programme Description

Recruiter: Public Investment Corporation SOC Ltd (PIC)

There are some fields covered by PIC Bursary which are also available to apply by the people with disabilities, as follows.

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Finance (Corporate and Investment)
  • Internal Audit
  • Investment Management
  • Information Communications
  • Technology or Computer Science
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Human Resources
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Research
  • Actuarial Science
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Risk and Compliance Management


  • Grade 12/ Matric or having completed Matric
  • The applicants should be registered in an accredited institute of Higher Learning in South Africa
  • Being in the financial needs
  • Having academic achievements will be preferable
  • People with disability who are unemployed under 30 years old are encouraged to apply


To support the completion of your applications, there are some supporting documents in the checklist to submit as well.

  • A complete and comprehensive application form
  • A copy of the valid RSA identity document
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts (especially for those who are currently enrolled in accredited tertiary institution)
  • Grade 12/ Matric certificate
  • For people with disabilities, medical certificate or proof of disability is compulsory
  • A copy of signed study loan agreement
  • Preliminary acceptance letters from one of the accredited tertiary institutions
  • A copy of monthly household income proof such as death certificate, salary or wage slips, affidavit stating annual income, SASSA letter grant received and letter from the court about child support amount
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These documents are obligatory to submit by all the applicants who want to get the PIC bursary. Therefore, you need to complete all the necessary documents. If you are a person with disabilities, copies of medical certificate are obligatory.

In applying for the PIC bursary, the applicants can apply it through the official website in www.pic.gov.za. First of all, the applicants must register themselves by signing up to the website. They have to enter their username and password. There will be some compulsory fields with the mark of (*) to complete.

Moreover, the applicants must have to submit all the necessary documents by attaching them one by one. Incomplete application form or invalid documentation will get no consideration. The application form should be in the signed form by the applicants and parents in the case of minors.


For any available enquiries, the interested applicants can send their frequently asked questions to [email protected]. In making enquiries, please make sure that you include your contact details as well.

Closing Date

The closing date for this PIC bursary will be on 20 December 2020.