PG Group Careers: Work Integrated Learning FET/TVET

Being a part of PG Group seems to be having a good planning for your future ahead. These PG Group careers offer the work integrated learning FET/TVET. It enables you to expand your knowledge and also gain your practical skills in the working field. Therefore, you can do two things at the same time. In other words, if you wish to take part in this career, you can read the full information and details below.

PG group careers
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Programme Description

Job Title: Work Integrated Learning FET/TVET

Recruiter: PG Group

Location: Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West


Moreover, taking part in PG Group careers means that you will have these following duties during the duration of your work.

  • Providing professional, effective operational or technical, or shared service functions within the business area
  • Ensuring the highest level of quality workmanship has been executed
  • Understanding and performing the tasks in effective and efficient manner
  • Applying good working behaviors and team work
  • Providing professional services for all the relevant stakeholders
  • Ensuring the friendliness, politeness, and helpfulness in the workplace
  • Developing the habit of excellence in order to make sure the delivery of superior customer service
  • Performing all tasks and also activities as per role
  • Raising the maintenance and hygiene issues to management
  • Adhering to all reasonable requests issued by the management
  • Assisting with the operational and execution support activities and tasks
  • Providing the continuous learning and development
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Furthermore, in the following, there are some requirements that all applicants must possess in order to make themselves eligible for the position.

  • Having the appropriate knowledge of general hygiene good practices is a must
  • Feeling thirst for continuous learning and growth
  • Having strong focus on service excellence and customer relations is compulsory
  • The applicants must have communication and problem solving skills
  • The applicants must have the analytic and creative thinking
  • Being able to travel independently and work shifts when necessary
  • Being able to be mobile within the geographical area when necessary
  • Having the ability of discovering and applying rules is obligatory


In addition, some documents are considered compulsory for the applicants to submit during the application.

  • A full Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certified copy of Identity Document
  • A cover letter
  • Matric Certificate
  • Certified copies of full academic record
  • FET or TVET Certificate

Furthermore, the applicants can register themselves at this link. They have to enter by using the email address and also the password that you have chosen previously.

First, there will be My Document area where you have to submit your CV, cover letter, and other additional document. Second, you have to complete the profile information, outside work experience, formal education and other specific compulsory information.

Moreover, when you have finished completing the registration, you can click Apply and finish the registration. Thus, do not leave any missing compulsory column, otherwise, you will never be able to get the recruitment.


What’s more, if you have any enquiries about the recruitment, you can visit this link.

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Closing Date

Finally, there has not been any specific closing date of these PG Group careers, however, it would be better to submit your application as soon as possible.