How to Succeed in Nursing Learnership Programme

Anyone interested in becoming a professional nurse can always take part in South African Government’s Nursing Learnership programme that will provide them with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. Those who have completed the programme are often hired by private or government health care providers because of their qualifications.

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About Nursing Profession

Never underestimate the role of a nurse because they are just important as the doctors. Nurses are professional health care workers that are focusing on caring families, communities, and individuals to help them maintain, recover, and attain optimum quality of life and health. Nurses are helpful for individuals (of all ages) disregarding the background or races. Nurses provide comfort and assistance on the patients’ social, physical, psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs. It is a complex profession because nurses are supposed to combine social science, technology, nursing technology, and physical science in caring the patients (and often their families).

Although most people may take nursing degree to qualify professional, there are several educational path in becoming a professional worker. It often includes extensive study and solid theoretical base in nursing education and also direct training within the technical skills.

About Nursing Learnership

So, what’s so special about South African Government’s Nursing Learnership programme? Learnership programmes allow candidates to improve their knowledge and theoretical basic as well as getting a direct practical working experience at the same time. There are different learnership programmes available, depending on the qualifications, study areas, and the ones providing the learnership programme.

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Through South African Government’s Nursing Learnership programme, candidates will be exposed to the study in well-known and credible institutions like Department of Health KwaZulu-Natal, Department of Health North West, and other places.

The Requirements

There are several basic requirements that most South African Government’s Nursing Learnership programme candidates need to follow to succeed in the learnership programme.

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They should be in between 18 and 36 years old
  • They should be unemployed or not be involved in any training programme during the learnership time length
  • They must provide the supporting documents that may include certified copies of ID document, Matric certificate, and other qualifications.
  • They must have positive attitude and good people skill
  • They must be computer literate – at least basic computer programme like MS Office
  • They should have good English skills – in reading, writing, and speaking
  • They must be able patient and be able to handle different kinds of people

How to Succeed in Nursing Learnership Programme

Basically, you need to do the same things as any students or educational participants:

  • Take a detailed note. Everything is important. There is no such thing as important info and unimportant ones. They are all crucial because we are talking about other people’s well being and lives.
  • Pay attention. Wherever you are, you should pay attention. When in class, listen to the theories. When at work, listen closely to the doctor and the supervisor.
  • Be organized. It is important to have your own time table and arrange your schedules. This would help you to understand your priority and to help you manage things efficiently.
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Pay attention to the requirements and how to apply procedures. Different departments implement different regulations. Taking part in South African Government’s Nursing Learnership programme may not be easy, but it is worth the efforts.

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