Netcare Paramedic Learnership: An Opportunity in Medical Careers

Unemployed youth who are looking for professional working experience while enhancing their own knowledge and insight can take part in Netcare Paramedic learnership programme. If the candidates are passionate about medical sector and they want to become a professional expert in the future, then joining the program would be the logical and also the best choice that they have ever done.

netcare paramedic learnership
Photo: Anna Shvets on Pexels

About Netcare Paramedic Learnership

Netcare is a private emergency and health-care service provider in South Africa. It is one of the biggest ones in the country that is equipped with the best medical facilities as well as the most professional health workers. They are offering the learnership programme for pharmacy, nursing, and paramedics.

There are different learnership programmes offered by the company. This enables candidates to pick their area of expertise as well as their specialization preferences. It will affect them in developing crucial skills that will result in high-quality and professional health care service. The fields include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Administration
  • Specialized Nursing
  • Basic Nursing
  • Research Clinical Trails
  • Clinical Engineering Technicians

The duration of this Netcare Paramedic learnership programme depends on the medical subjects and the types of training. Some subjects may need 4 qualification levels while the others only need 3. The more levels of qualifications, the longer the duration will be.

The learnership offers a monthly stipend. However, their expenses won’t be covered by the company. Candidates will be responsible for their own expenses, such as transport, food, accommodation, and others. They need to have a solid planning about their budgets planning and financial arrangement.

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The Requirements

Paramedic learnership has its own screening process and stages. They also have their own standard of measurements and this Netcare learnership programme isn’t different. There are several basic requirements for the interested candidates:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa having the legal and valid ID
  • They must have good English competency and qualification
  • They must have a valid driver license
  • They must be able to provide their qualification documents (the certified copies)
  • They must have clear criminal record
  • They must be passionate and determined about the subject that they are taking

How to Apply

The official website doesn’t accommodate online application although candidates are advised to visit the company’s site to understand the learnership programmes lists. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their application to their email at [email protected].

The supporting documents generally include:

  • A comprehensive and complete CV
  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • Certified copies of qualifications
  • A motivational letter containing the candidates’ goal and also their reasons to apply for the learnership

The programme is usually offered on a yearly basis. The opening date generally takes place on the first months within the year although there is no specific information about the exact date. The closing date may be different from year to year. It is also possible that the deadline depends on the subject. It is always a good idea to check the official website regularly so interested candidates can always check the availability of the Netcare Paramedic learnership programme as well as the opening and closing date.