NSFAS Bursary for (Financially) Needy Students






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Struggling students living in South Africa can always make use of NSFAS bursary – which is open for students entering public universities or TVETs. The screening process would be tough and not everyone will pass. But it is guarantee that the funds would go to the right recipient, making sure that the students get the financial assistance they need and they are able to achieve better future.

About The Program

NSFAS Bursary
NSFAS Bursary

NSFAS is short for National Student Financial Aid Scheme which is the loan scheme and student bursary funded by the government receiving the funding budget from the Department of Higher Education and Training, and report to them too. They provide financial help in the form of loans and bursaries to the potential and eligible students at South African’s TVET colleges and universities. They also recover loans from employed and graduated students – as well as raising funds to increase funding pool for student loans and bursaries.

They are administering various bursaries to make sure that students get connected directly to their funding. It is done to make sure that the right amount (of money) is paid to the right recipient at the right time. Bursaries don’t need repaid, but loans must be repaid later after the students are employed – if they are unemployed, they aren’t required to start repaying the loans. The bursary can cover accommodation, travel allowance, tuition fees, books, and foods.  Some examples of the bursaries are Department of Social Development bursary, Funza Lushaka bursary, DHET disability bursary, and also some SETA (Sector Education and Training Authorities) bursaries.

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The Requirements

  • The candidates should be the citizens of South Africa
  • They should be financially needy – determined by NSFAS means test
  • They should have a good academic performance and record. They should also be able to demonstrate their ability to succeed and excel in their studies

How to Apply

There are two ways to get the NSFAS bursary: you can apply online (by accessing www.nsfas.org.za) or you can submit a traditional and manual application.

If you apply online, you will have to own a MyNSFAS profile on the website. It means that you have to register first and then create a profile. The profile is your mean to log in or out, as well as your way to get updates concerning the application and the funding.

If you do the manual application, you need to download an application form first. After you have filled it out, send  it to NSFAS Loans and Bursaries Department, Private Bag X4, Plumstead, 7801. You can fax it to 086 644 2822 or email it to [email protected].

Keep in mind that the organization would be able to pay the registration fees without delay and effectively. The recipient getting the fund doesn’t have to reapply for the duration of their (registered) course.

There is an available funding program for 2020 academic year.It opens on September the 1st 2019 and the deadline is on November the 30th 2019 at midnight. If you are interested in NSFAS bursary, you should log into the website and follow through with the requiements.

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