National Treasury Forecasting Director Position

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  • Jul 24, 2019

National Treasury Forecasting Director is an open position in the department and everyone is welcomed to take part, provided that they meet the requirements. After all, the available positions are made accessible for the qualified candidates and they are encouraged to promote representative qualities.

About the Position

National Treasury is opening the opportunity for everyone to join, including for disabled people and women, in particular. They are opening several positions for interested applicants, including in the position of Forecasting Director in Management Echelon.

The Forecasting Director would be responsible for Economic Policy (EP) division. The main responsibility is to forecast South African economy status over certain moments and MTEF period, as well as sustaining the National Treasury QMOD (Quarterly Model) within the policy analysis executing and the rendering of the advice for stakeholders.

The Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for the National Treasury Forecasting Director position:

Applicants must submit a comprehensive CV, certified copies of ID and qualifications, as well as the (fully completed) Z83, which is non-negotiable.

Applicants must forward the application, with the quote of position’s full name and the reference number. Place the information on the email’s subject line.

Applicants must keep in mind that applicants that do not follow the guidelines in sending their application won’t be considered.

Applications that are sent via postal service or by hand-delivery won’t be accepted

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Important Note

  • All (shortlisted) candidates for the post are going to be subjected to the technical exercise with the aim of testing relevant technical elements (within the job).
  • Checking on SA citizenship and qualifications would be conducted for the shortlisted candidates. When necessary, additional checking would be performed.
  • Applicants’ responsibility is to have foreign qualifications checked and evaluated by SAQA or South African Qualifications Authority.
  • In the event applicants haven’t got any feedbacks from the National Treasury from the closing date, it is highly likely that their applications are unsuccessful

The closing date is on August the 2nd 2019 at 12 PM

Qualifications and Skills

For the position of National Treasury Forecasting Director, the qualified candidates must follow these requirements:

  • Applicants must have a minimum degree in Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, or Economics
  • Applicants must possess at least 5 years of experience as the middle management level, or Deputy Director, in macro-econometric modeling development and design
  • Applicants must have the experience and knowledge in economic result’s analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating.
  • Applicants must have the experience and knowledge in formulating policies as well as programming models, including in E-VIEWS program software application

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Applicants must be able to provide economic forecasts over the MTEF. They must be able to provide information of MTEF projection as well as initiating the forecasting briefing session explanatory with clients concerning core aspects of the economic projection within a certain period.
  • Applicants must stimulate economic growth and tax forecast related models based on the revenue expectations within a financial year.
  • Applicants must engage stakeholders within policy development input and data integrity improvement
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All applicants are expected to send their documents and requirements for the National Treasury Forecasting Director position.

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