NACOSA In-School Programme on the AGYW

NACOSA is a non-profit organization that focuses on the prevention of the increase of HIV, AIDS, and also TB in Southern Africa. As people who are aware of these illnesses are still low, they offer NACOSA in-school programme for providing accredited and qualified training. Not only for personal use but also it will give proper assistance for organization, businesses and also their frontline staffs.

To find out more about NACOSA in-school programme, you can read this following information. Don’t forget to apply for this training from the professionals in the field.

Nacosa on Student Room

Programme Description

Job Title: NACOSA in-school programme

Recruiter: NACOSA

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Salary: Market related

Reference number: 2021037

Type of work: Contract


In addition, before applying for this NACOSA in-school programme, you have to comprehend the duties of the role, as follows.

  • Coordinating and supervising the day-to-day activities of AGYW in School SRs to make sure that the key performance area are delivered
  • Planning and coordinating all materials, resources, and also transports to make sure that the resources are available when necessary
  • Maintaining relationships actively with a wide range of stakeholders within the Education and Health Sectors including the government, SGB, and school parent bodies
  • Providing technical support for Provincial and Local Sub-district in the implementation of HIV/TB/STI, ISHP and also CSE programme
  • Overseeing the expansion of SCE rapid scale up including the procurement of the scripted lesson plans with Beyond Zero
  • Facilitating the CSE Training of Trainers with relevant SOPs
  • Ensuring that the flow of management and operation information to Programme team based on reporting standard is sufficient
  • Representing NACOSA during meetings, event, gathering, and local media externally under the direction of NACOSA Senior Management Teams
  • Traveling in semi-urban or rural settings regularly
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Meanwhile, you will be an eligible candidate when you have fulfilled all of these requirements.

  • Being able to work either in a team or individually
  • Having the willingness to go through accredited training and technical assistance
  • The applicants have to be a citizen of South Africa


Moreover, these following documents are considered compulsory to provide during the application.

  • A comprehensive and updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • A copy of Identity Document

Generally, in order to be able to apply for a job, internship or learnership, the applicants must register themselves at this link. They have to submit their CV which they can later edit when they want to add more relatable information.

After that, they have to complete their personal details and also preferences. First, it will be your personal information such as name, id number, location, date of birth, gender, and citizenship. Second, there will be some questions about your salary, incentives, bonuses, and the expected salary.

Moreover, there will be some question about qualifications, citizenship, work permits, company industries, and your other profiles in social media. Further, you can click the option of Quick Registration to agree with the terms and conditions while doing the registration.


Furthermore, for detail assistance and guidance, you can visit

Closing Date

No application is acceptable after 24 March 2021.