Land Bank Student Bursary for the Promising, but Struggling, Students

Students who are interested in agriculture subjects and they want to continue their study to a higher level can think about taking part in Land Bank Student Bursary – which is currently open and available for 2020 study period.

About the Program

Students today are struggling with pricey and expensive educational cost, especially those who want to continue their study to a higher level in a reputable and accredited tertiary institution. Land Bank understands this fact and it upsets them because they also know that credible and skillful students and workforce are the future of the nation.

That’s why they have a commitment to create positive opportunities for students, especially to those having a genuine interest and passion in agricultural industry. The Land Bank Student Bursary program is designed to focus on developing and growing a pipeline of promising workforce and young talents that can be useful not only for Land Bank internal feed but also to the agricultural industry in a bigger scale.

This bursary is provided and aimed for undergraduate students having proven their financial needs in order to pursue their dream of getting a higher educational level. These students are struggling financially but they have big dreams and they are academically excellent students.

The qualifying students are planning to study or they are studying full-time in one of the subjects below:

  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Investment Management
  • Agricultural related studies such as B Environmental Studies, B Agricultural Economics, BSc Agriculture, or B Agric.
  • Risk Management or Compliance
  • Project Management or Business Management
  • Credit
  • Human Resource
  • Finance, Procurement, and Internal Audit
  • Legal
  • Information Technology
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Eligible candidates are those who have already registered to take a full-time study at South African Agricultural College, University of Technology, or University for 2020 academic period – it doesn’t include the first year students

The Requirements

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must have completed Matric – and have the certificate
  • They must be accepted to study or be studying currently at the Agricultural College or University of Technology or University in South Africa
  • They must have been studying one of the mentioned study fields above. It is only applied to the second, third, or fourth year students only
  • They must have strong and impressive academic records – and they are able to show a stable performance along the way
  • They must be interested in having a future career in the agricultural industry or sector
  • They must not get or receive other bursary funding
  • They must show a proof of financial needs

How to Apply

The application will take place online. Interested candidates must download an application form for the bursary and complete it. Once they are done, they can send the form along with the supporting documents to this email address [email protected]. The supporting documents include:

  • A certified copy of ID document
  • An updated and comprehensive CV
  • Certified copies of Matric results or Matric certificate
  • A proof of acceptance or registration from the tertiary institution
  • The financial proof or household income proof from guardians or parents – it can be an affidavit if they are unemployed or payslips if they are employed
  • A completed Declaration of Financial Conditions – don’t forget to sign it before the submission
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The deadline is on January the 31st 2020. Candidates can go to this link to get the downloaded form as well as learning further about the Land Bank Student Bursary program.