Komatsu Apprenticeship Opportunity

Komatsu apprenticeship can provide a good and solid starter for your career – especially if you are passionate and driven. If you have the interest and passion in mining industry, you can make use of this opportunity to learn more as well as gaining better working ethic and professional experience along the way. Take a look at the requirements and your personal qualifications. In most cases, you need to have the passion and interest. Skills can be learned but a genuine interest and dedication comes from a true nature of a person.

About the Program

Komatsu Mining Corporation is always on a search for potential, self-motivated, energized, and dedicated people to join their apprenticeship program. They are looking for potential people with team player attitude and good communication skills. The program is generally focusing on technical training system consisting of theoretical and also practical components. Once the candidates have completed the program, they can gain artisan status.

The Requirements

The general requirements for the program are:

·         Having N3 qualification with 4 subjects, including the minimum L4/D symbol for Physical and Mathematical Science

·         Having level 4 NC (V) with L4/D symbol for Mathematics and other engineering subjects

·         S1 (in Physical and MathematicsL4/D symbol)

Komatsu apprenticeship is generally available on a yearly basis but they may come in various different subjects and locations. For instance, it is possible to find a tuner position placed in Venetia or a boiler placed in Witbank in one period year. When you check the available the next year, the position is for welder in Gauteng or a fitter in Witbank. Don’t expect the subjects, the programs, and the placement position would be always the same from year to year. Such a management is designed so that everyone from different educational background or skills can get the same opportunity.

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How to Apply

The application takes place online. Interested candidates can always go to the official website or go to the third party providers (that display and post the availability). Since one post generally contains different positions and subjects, there are also different links for the application. You only need to choose which subject you want to apply for (and whether the location suits your preference) and then click on the link. You will be taken to the next page for completing the application.

Don’t forget to prepare the supporting documents in softcopy version. In the event that you are required to upload them, you can do it immediately. In general, the supporting documents generally required for the application are:

·         A certified copy of ID document

·         A certified copy of Matric or any related educational certificates

·         A CV

·         A recent photo

Be advised that the types of supporting documents depend on each subject and field, so it may be different from one another.

It is unclear about the deadline for the 2019 period but it is expected to take place by the end of October or early November. In the event that you haven’t heard from them until November 2019, then consider your application to be unsuccessful.

Each year, the company has different opening and closing date. The best way for you is to have a regular check to the company’s official site to know the availability of Komatsu apprenticeship program.