Harambe Matriculants Position for Grade 12

If you think that you have the qualification, especially since you have Grade 12 certificate, you can consider Harambe matriculants position for Grade 12 holders. The company often offers the latest positions for Grade 12 holders in South Africa. The idea is to provide the jobs in South Africa if they have passes the qualification assessment (including the Matric) with reasonable grade. For many unemployed youth, this can provide a good opportunity – especially with other accompanying benefits and handsome salary.

About the Company And the Program

Harambe as the non-profit company is trying to overcome the problem and challenge of youth unemployment issue. With extensive experience and the knowledge in the industry, they want to build innovations and solutions by working together with government, businesses, and other committed parties to deal with the problem. They want to create something that can bring in real results. That’s why they have been facing the issue with on-the-ground implementation, direct experience, partnerships, innovation, and valid data usage. The company has a good partnership program with big organizations and companies in South Africa to secure and provide entry level jobs – intended for young people meeting the criteria and requirements

The Requirements

The general requirements for this Harambe matriculants position are intended for those looking for permanent work and they have less than one year of working (or professional) experience. The requirements are:

  • The candidates are the citizens of South Africa having the legal and valid documentation as the proof.
  • They should be between 18 and 28 years old
  • They must have a Matric certificate
  • They are currently not taking any education or working (they must be unemployed)
  • They must have attended a rural or township school
  • They must never been blacklisted before
  • They must have clear and good credit record and they must not have criminal record
  • They have been seeking for employment actively for at least 6 months
  • They have the drive and eagerness to learn as well as to work hard
  • They are eager and passionate about the opportunity
  • If they have been employed, it mustn’t be permanent for more than 12 months
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How to Apply

There are different ways to apply for the job. The first one is that you can always send an email containing the name, contact number, ID number, and also township to [email protected] and they will reply you back with the available position.

Second, you can always check the official website to find out whether they have an opening. And then ask for an available opening WITHOUT sending any information. It is almost the same as the previous method but without you including your personal info.

Third, you can check third party providers that post and display the available positions. In these providers, they generally provide a link that you can click to fill in your application. However, the providers may only provide the information. It is also possible that this third method isn’t always available. And even if it is available, it is no guarantee that they will provide a link.

Keep in mind that the program is usually available on a yearly basis but there is no exact information about the opening date and the deadline. You need to make a regular check to the official site (or contact them via the email) so that you know about the program’s availability. To find out more about Harambe matriculants program or the availability, you can go to the official site at www.harambe.co.za.