Joburg Market Vacancies: EPWP General Worker

In order to have a clean and free-pollution environment, some people have to start being aware of the importance of waste clearance. Living in a clean and healthy place is one of the dreams of people in everywhere including the residents of region F in Johannesburg. Therefore, when you want to take part of this environment cleanliness, you can apply for Joburg Market vacancies.

Further, working in the residences area of a region will help you maintain the cleanliness and the health of the environment more appropriately. In addition, it might be true of what people saying that we should start something from a small portion before taking into bigger responsibilities. Thus, it will be a chance to learn on how to clean the waste and how to make sure that the cleanliness has been always kept from time to time.

Moreover, in the following, there are a lot of details about the Joburg Market vacancies to keep you updated. Therefore, when you are going to apply for the position, this will be a piece of important information for you to check out.

joburg market vacancies
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Programme Description

Position: EPWP General Worker

Recruiter: Joburg Market

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Salary: R4000.00 per month


Moreover, before applying for the position of EPWP General worker of Joburg Market vacancies, the applicants would better know the duties of the position advertised.

  • Emptying and washing the rocker bins by using the appropriate cleaning materials
  • Ensuring that the cleanliness of the compactor area has mat the safety standard at all times. It includes the clearance of spillages, removals of bins, litter picking, and also clearance of waste collection
  • Monitoring the market agents to keep their sections clean and dropping produce into the bins
  • Performing the miscellaneous the duties related to the specific job as assigned
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In addition, as you have to consider whether or not you are eligible for the position, these are the requirements to fulfill, as follows.

  • Having the qualification of Grade 10 or equivalent is a must
  • Having the certificate of competence in the environment management or hygiene services will be an advantage
  • The applicants must have physical strength to carry and lift the heavy rocker bins and machinery
  • The applicants must have successfully completed the pre-employment safety screening
  • Being able to work 24 hours shift is compulsory
  • Applicants from Indian, White and Coloured Population Group are encouraged to apply


Furthermore, to make sure that you will complete the registration, there are some documents to submit. Hereby, the applicants will have prepared it beforehand.

  • An application letter
  • Certified copy of Identity Document
  • Proof of residence

Further, these documents have to be hand delivered to the Joburg Market offices. The address is at 4 Fortune Road, City Deep during the weekdays between 08.00 and 16.00 South African standard time.

Moreover, the recruiter is not going to accept any applications sent through fax or email. Therefore, it is important to know this detail so that your application will not get disqualification.


What’s more, when you want to know more details about these Joburg market vacancies, you can have a look at

Closing Date

The applicants will no longer be able to submit their application after 26 March 2021 at 12.00 South African standard time.