IT BDO South Africa Traineeship

Those who are interested in auditing and accounting can think about taking part in the program of IT BDO South Africa Trainership. This is a good opportunity for those with passion in accounting to learn about the industry as well as the strategies in the field. Those who can get into the program will appreciate the fact that they will get a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills while grasping the learning curves of the program.

About the Position

BDO South Africa is one of the biggest and most reputable accounting firms in South Africa and they are always opening their doors to trainees who want to learn more about the industry. As a part of their program, they are offering the trainership position with student position. As a part of the skilled profession and work, the trainees are expected to meet the professional requirements that will result in their abilities and performance –especially in the increasing skills

For the job description, BDO is opening a vacancy for the IT Trainee Auditor within Financial Service unit at their Johannesburg office. It is located in Johannesburg, Parktown GT 2193 ZA. The deadline is on July the 31st 2019.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Trainership IT Audit position would be responsible for the job given and handed to them by the in-charge manager. It means that the individual would answer and respond to the manager to carry out the responsible work allocated and given to them. The responsibility includes keeping the auditors in charge to stay informed of the sector’s progress under their responsibility –including managing problems, issues, or difficulties related to the work.

In general, the responsibilities include:

  • Obeying and answering to the manager in charge concerning the tasks given to them
  • Keeping the auditors stay informed of the progress, including the possible arising issues that arise from the work
  • Making sure that all the work is well documented as well as being concluded within accordance with the Audit IT Methodology. It goes with keeping and managing accurate time records.
  • Performing work that is allocated with ethics and integrity

The Requirements

The general requirements for the Trainership IT Audit position are:

  • Have Grade 12 diploma or certificate
  • The determination and dedication to seriously take place in the program
  • General skills in administrative work and computing work
  • Good communication skills, in both written and spoken styles
  • The flexibility to work in any surrounding and environment, including under pressure
  • The ability to work in a team or to cooperate with a lot of different people
  • Professional manner and ethical doing
  • The willingness to follow directions and be guided in the most professional manner
  • Having the degree in Internal Audit, B Com. Accounting, Informatics, Information Systems Bcomp Degree or Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Candidates who study or want to study for CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) qualification will get the extra point.
  • Have delivery focused and task driven manner

How to Apply

Interested candidates can check this site in order to apply for Trainership IT Audit position.