Inkfish Digital Graphic Design Apprenticeship

For some people who are into art, working in a digital graphic design company seems to be a good challenge. One of the companies that can be the best workplace for artists or graphic designers is Inkfish Digital Marketing. This company is currently offering graphic design apprenticeship for those who want to work remotely.

Here, the applicants have more chance to choose their working hours. They will have their own responsibilities to accomplish some designs using design programs. If you are curious more about this apprenticeship, you can read this complete information below.

Graphic Design Apprenticeship
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Programme Description

Job Title: Inkfish Apprenticeship

Position: Video and Graphic Designer

Recruiter: Inkfish Digital Marketing

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Type of work: 6 months full time or 12 months part time


Taking part in this graphic design apprenticeship by Inkfish Digital Marketing means that you will be responsible for these following duties.

  • Working with different designing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and etc.
  • Learning online collaboration software and also communication habits.
  • Creating or recreating corporate identity items.
  • Creating both images and videos for the social media and website use according to specific templates.
  • Working in the design department under the direct supervision of the head designers.
  • Assigning a design
  • tasks which have been requested by other departments


Moreover, for the interested candidates, there are some requirements for all of you to fulfill when you want to apply for the apprenticeship.

  • Being creative and familiar with any Adobe design program
  • Having independency and ability to find the answer for yourself and know when to ask for a help
  • Being familiar with the new technology
  • Feeling comfortable in reading instructions and rechecking them before reporting to the head designer
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Meanwhile, it is also compulsory for the applicants to complete these documents for the submission.

  • A complete CV
  • Portfolio

However, it is also acceptable to show your portfolio through links. To apply for graphic design apprenticeship, the applicant can click this link.

First of all you have to complete your personal details. It includes the first and last name, South African ID number (if you are a foreigner, you have to state your nationality), gender, email, phone numbers, and also your place of residence.

Second, there will be two columns of education. They are the educational institution where you get your degree and the years you are enrolling for the major.

Moreover, there would be some other preferences to choose about you. For the work environment, you have to choose whether you are available on WhatsApp, ADSL, during SA office hours, and you have a reliable modern computer or laptop. There will be some choices of starting and ending time of work.

There are some other questions where you have to fill about your answers. Finally, you have to submit your portfolio at the bottom of the page.


For complete and detailed information, you can check through this link.

Closing Date

There is no closing date for this apprenticeship. However, it would be much better to submit your application once the documents are ready.