GWK Vacancies: Cashier Position

Do you want to work in a lucrative company which has a great prospect ahead? GWK vacancies are your answers. They have a vacancy as a cashier for their GWK Agri in Douglas. Before we provide you with the information about the vacancy, let’s learn things about the GWK itself.

GWK is a company that works in agriculture. They have three divisions which run from producing, marketing and connecting.

These three divisions are GWK Agri, GWK Farm Food, and GWK Trading.

The first, GWK Agri works in agriculture production. Their teams work in tandem with farmers by giving input, solutions and other services that farmers need.

The second, GWK Farm Food works to connect farmers and consumers. They help farmers to figure out what consumers need from the produce. Additionally, they also strive to give the best result for them.

Then, GWK Trading works in the marketing line for the products of their producers. These three move in synergy to create the best result for consumers, without leaving the farmers.

Thus, these will result in the greatest fruition possible. Now, GWK Agri has a vacancy in the cashier position.

They look for people who are energetic, motivated and ambitious to fill in this position. Moreover, their positive working environment strives to inspire each other and reach new heights with pride.

This will be a good encouragement for people who are self-driven in their career.  

So, do you think that’s your call? To learn more about the GWK vacancies, check out this article.

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GWK vacancies
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Job Description

Job Title: Cashier – GWK Vaalrivier Service Station

Recruiter: GWK Agri

Job Level: P13


There are two types roles of cashier in GWK vacancies, which are:

General Roles

  • Listing transaction during customer service

Key Roles

  • Capturing transaction during customer service
  • Liaising with clients
  • Completion of daily administration
  •  Security and loss control

Eligibility and Requirements

The qualifications that applicants should possess when applying for the GWK vacancies are:

  • Grade 12 certificate
  • Applicants with relevant experience will be the priority
  • Must be ready to perform shifts within 24-hour environment and also weekend services on a rotational basis


Next information is about how to apply for the position.

If you are interested in applying for the GWK vacancies, then you can send your application via email to [email protected] or via fax on line 086 262 6955.

The shortlisted candidates will get calls from the GWK team. If you don’t get any news within 14 days after the deadline, then it means that your application is unsuccessful.


Then, do you need other information about the vacancies or the company itself? Visit GWK official website at to inquire.

Furthermore, you can also check other information about the company there. It will be a nice addition to understand more about the company before applying.

Closing Date

So, the last but not least information is about the closing date. The GWK vacancies will be closed on 31 March 2022.

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Make sure that you send your qualifications with other requirements before the date listed. Late submission might end with the disqualification of your application.

Finally, we hope you are successful with your application for the GWK vacancies!