GPG Professional Job Centre e-Recruitment System by Gauteng Provincial Government

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  • Sep 23, 2020

GPG Professional Job Centre is an online job e-recruitment system that is designed and created by Gauteng Provincial Government as a way to improve employment and quality of workforce through a qualified and professional training session.

About GPG Professional Job Centre

The GPG Professional Job Centre is designed to recruit, attract, and retain professional, innovative, and skilled work force inspiring to be great or impressive. If you register your profile with them, you are given an access to provincial government vacancies that are offering competitive and dedicated working environment. It is meant to improve the participants’ qualities, qualifications, and skills. Candidates are expected to register with the site so they can browse for vacancies and then apply for the jobs that they want – and also suit their qualifications.

Basic Requirements

There are some basic and general requirements to apply any vacancies or learnerships via GPG Professional Job Centre. Some of the requirements are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa;
  • They must have completed Grade 12 and have the certificate as the proof;
  • They must not have any criminal record;
  • They must be determined, hard-work, and dedicated – especially to complete the program as best as they can;
  • Candidates need to go through with the online application processing;
  • Candidates must provide supporting documents that may include a certified copy of South African ID and a certified copy of Matric certificate. It is also possible to include certified copies of qualifications – all of which aren’t older than 3 months.
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How to Apply

Interested candidates need to realize and understand that this program takes the online application processing. It is expected to screen digitally-aware candidates who aren’t foreign to technology. There are several procedures and stages that each candidate need to go through:

  • They need to visit this link to apply;
  • If they have already created an account, they only need to click on the log-in option and fill in the ID number and password. Then they can update their profile;
  • If they have never tried the site before, they need to create an account first. Choose Register first and then provide the details. Once the details are complete, they can log into the site to search for vacancies that meet their qualifications, skills, and also requirements. Then, they only need to click on a vacancy to apply;
  • In the event that they have created a profile but they forgot the password, choose the option to reset password. They only need to answer the security question and the password will be made available;
  • Choose the option ‘Browse Jobs’ so perform a search on vacancy on each department. If they know the department or the reference number, they can use the quick search engine;
  • Click the button ‘View’ to read the specs and then apply. Go with the button ‘Apply’ if they want to apply for the advertised vacancy;
  • To proceed, go with ‘Next’ button. To cancel the application, click ‘Cancel’;
  • Be ready to deal with the vacancy screening questions. They only need to answer all the questions and then click ‘Submit’.
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Each vacancy has its own specific requirements, application procedure, and deadline. Candidates need to pay attention to this when they join the GPG Professional Job Centre online recruitment.

Please note that not all of vacancies in Gauteng Provincial Government will be published and handled by GPG Professional Job Centre. For example, Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) is currently opening positions for 2500 learners not using GPG Professional Job Centre website but the department is using

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