Flight Attendant Training: The Common Training Facts

In the event that you are dreaming of becoming a professional flight attendant, you need to know that the flight attendant training can be strenuous and difficult. Being in the service industry that focuses more on good conduct and service, you need to know how to manage the clients well as well as trying to deliver the best professional outcome. So, what should you know about the training?

About the Training

If you want to be a flight attendant, you need to have a formal education (but only a small part of it) and substantial amount of training. If you like to serve people and meet new people on a daily basis, then this is your chance! If you are into flying, then consider it as a bonus!

It usually doesn’t take a high degree of education to be a flight attendant. A high school diploma is generally enough while a degree or a certificate can make it more preferred. When you join an airline, you can complete the training. After all, they are the one hiring you so they are responsible for providing the right training.

The Requirements

There are several basic requirements that candidates need to understand when they want to join flight attendant training.

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa and it should be proven from the ID document
  • They must complete Matric and have the certificate
  • A high school diploma is generally enough although candidates with a certain degree that focuses on the customer services (like education, psychology, or communication) are more preferred.
  • If you are a candidate with past experience as a flight attendant, you need to display flight attendant associate degree or certificate. You may have taken courses in airline operations, aviation safety, or crew emergency management.
  • Any prospective candidates have had the education in rescue techniques, CPR, and emergency management.
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Those are just the general and basic requirements to be considered qualified for the flight attendant training. There are some special and further requirements that most candidates need to follow. For a starter, after being hired, the candidates must get the training from the airline and it can last up to 3weeks to 6 weeks. They may get training in federal regulations, flight procedures, emergency preparation, safety, and first aid.

According to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), all flight attendants must get the certificates. They can apply through National Transportation Safety Board or FAA to get the so-called Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency

How to Apply

You can check the vacancy sections or vacancy websites specializing in South African flight attendant jobs. They mostly share similar requirements. Be advised that some websites may require you to apply online but others may require you to apply directly. You can drop by at their branch offices to submit your application letter along with the supporting documents that cover a CV, a certified copy of ID document, a certified copy of high school diploma, or certified copies of qualifications.

Be sure to pay attention to the deadline or closing date too. You don’t want to submit your application late so you can take part in the flight attendant training.