FASSET Bursary for Finance and Accounting Enthusiasts

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If you are passionate about accounting and finance, and you want to continue your study to a higher level, then you should seriously think about taking part in FASSET bursary program. Not only they will provide the financial assistance, but they will also provide the access to a wider world and elevated level.

About the Program

FASSET is short for the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority. Their main purpose is to increase the numbers of professional workers entering the sector. They will also help facilitate the transformation in the finance and accounting sector. And they also strive to expand and grow the skills required for the sector.

The company is a part of SETA in South Africa. They are required to make sure that the employees in the sector have the education and training to perform and complete their job correctly. They are screening and looking for potential candidates through the full-bursary program. The bursary would be offered and given to students taking Finance and Accounting related study fields.

The Requirements

There are some basic minimum entry requirements when applying for FASSET bursary. The candidates are expected to meet them all

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must have completed Grade 12 or Matric
  • They are in the final study year or in the second last (penultimate)
  • They must be studying in one of the study aforementioned fields
  • They must be studying at a recognized and reputable University of Technology or University in South Africa
  • For the Accounting students, they must have reached a minimum level 6 for Mathematics (in Matric)
  • They must meet at least the minimum requirements for entry of the chosen university within the selected study field
  • They need to show proven financial need. The family income takes between R123 000 and R300 000 per year
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How to Apply

There are several ways for you to apply for the FASSET bursary program:

  • You can do the online application at http://cw.gradx.net/. If you choose this program, you need to create an account and register. The application can take place directly on the site
  • You can download the application form and complete it

Whatever ways you choose, be advised that you will be required to provide and submit (or upload) the supporting documents, consisting of:

  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A passport size photograph
  • If you are currently in Matric, submit the final result of Grade 11
  • If you have completed Matric, submit the certified copy of Matric certificate
  • The admission proof to the tertiary institution
  • If you are a current tertiary student, submit the most current full academic record

If you are using the hard-copy application system, you can send the application through these ways:

  • By post to Career Wise (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 30632, Braamfontein2017
  • By fax to 086 6097183
  • By email to [email protected]

The bursary is always available all year long, so candidates are welcomed to send their application anytime. Questions related to FASSET bursary program can be made to [email protected] or [email protected]


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