Eskom Learnership Programme in South Africa

If you have the passion in electric power and you want to get an in-depth knowledge in the field, you can consider about taking part in Eskom learnership programme in South Africa. By the time you complete the programme, you will have an increased knowledge as well as a direct practical experience. Joining the programme would definitely improve your ability as well as professional qualifications.

About Eskom Learnership Programme

Eskom is the major electric power supplier in South Africa, providing services for domestic and commercial use. The company has a focus on sustainable growth. The company is currently responsible for 95% of the country’s power requirements as well as45% of those in the whole Africa. Eskom learnership programme is the vocational training programme designed to create skilled and professional labor for the company’s development. It is about theoretical classes along with practical training that would improve the skills and qualifications of the candidates. By the end of the programme, the candidates are expected to have an enriched experience and also CV.

Eligible candidates would have to sign two agreements, the Employment contract and the Learnership agreement. Each of them has its own different functions and usage.

Eskom Learnership Requirements

There are several basic and general requirements for this Eskom learnership programme, such as:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa which will be proven with a valid ID document
  • They must have Matric (Grade 12) certificate or the equivalent N3 qualification in Physical Science, Mathematics, and English
  • They must have good command of English
  • They must have the passion and determination to take part in the programme and to complete it successfully
  • The shortlisted and chosen candidates must take part in medical assessment, integrity checks, lego, psychometric assessment, and others
  • The candidates aren’t required to have special skills although having a certain specific skill would be an advantage
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The benefits of joining the learnership programme are:

  • The possibility of job opportunity at the company after the successful training completion
  • The monthly stipend based on the job and the rank for which the candidate is being trained and assessed for
  • The technical skills and improved qualification that would help the candidates find other jobs outside the company

Eskom Learnership Application

Interested candidates should realize that application will take place online. They need to visit the official website to download the application form. Once the candidates are in the site, you can choose the subject and state the domain that you are applying for. You need to attach the required certificates and supporting documents.

The supporting documents include:

  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • Certified copies of qualifications
  • A CV
  • You may need to include a recent photo because the documents must not be older than 3 months. Before sending the application form, you need to sign it.

The programme is generally available on a yearly basis, so interested candidates should check the official site regularly. They should also find the information about the opening date and the deadline so they can be prepared for Eskom learnership programme.

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