DPSA Internship Program

If you are interested in helping people or you have the passion to improve the community, then you should think about joining DPSA internship. The program can help you reach your dream and assist you in the right way. The program is perfect and suitable for people who have big empathy, compassion, and care for community and social service. The internship programs are available and offered in many subjects and fields, but you are required to help others and have a positive contribution.

About The Program

DPSA is the public service organization existing in South Africa. It has a primary vision and mission to improve public service into a more effective and efficient. It dedicates itself to improve efficiency and development. The program basically supports citizenships and everyone. They are hoping to educate public about creating a better government through people empowerment. With a goal to provide leadership for better future and improve public service, they strive to deliver equality to all people living in South Africa.

As it was mentioned before, DPSA internship programs may cover different subjects and fields. The organization is always seeking for talented and promising individuals with public service as their background.  The most common areas are Local Improvement, Telecommunications, Defense and Energy Commission, Informational Technology, Labor Strategies, Postal Duties, Tourism Specialist, and so much more. It would be better if you can visit the official website to see the available subjects within their internship project. The program can range from 6 months to 36 months (3 years) – it depends on the programs and subjects. Be advised that they may be placed in Western Cape, Gauteng, Northern Cape, North West, and Eastern Cape

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The Requirements

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa whose age is between 18 and 35 years.
  • They must have excellent communication skills
  • They must be willing to relocate or move around when needed because some of the locations are in rural areas
  • They must be able to work independently or in a team so versatile personality is a must
  • They must have strong working ethic as well as being dedicated and passionate about the job

Further Requirements

To be qualified for the DPSA internship program, further requirements are expected, such as:

  • They must have a Matric certificate
  • They must be currently not taking a full time study or they are unemployed
  • They need to have a degree from a university or college
  • They must be computer literate with basic Windows Office knowledge
  • They must not have any criminal records
  • They must have good English command

How to Apply

It is advisable that you check the official site at www.dpsa.gov.za regularly because the opening and closing date can be varying depending on the programs and subjects. You can access the application through the official site or through third party websites that will give you the link. Don’t forget to include the supporting documents to confirm and outline your training experience and your background. Read the requirements carefully and make sure that they are complete to ensure your chances with DPSA internship.