Department of Water and Sanitation Vacancies: Admin Clerk

Previously, Department of Water and Sanitation has offered some vacancies for those South African youths who wish to find a decent job. Currently, there are some Department of Water and Sanitation vacancies in the position of admin clerk. Therefore, if you think that this position suits both your personality and characters, this will be your right chance to make it happen.

Department of Water and Sanitation vacancies
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Programme Description

Position: Administration Clerk

Recruiter: Department of Water and Sanitation

Location: Bellville & Polokwane

Salary: R173 703 per annum (level 05)

Reference number:

Bellville: 040621/10

Polokwane: 040621/11


Different location of the working place requires different duties and responsibilities. Hence, these are the duties of an admin clerk who will work in Bellville.

  • Implementing administrative procedures for the component
  • Helping with the implementation of operational plan for the section
  • Adhering to the financial procedures in the section
  • Collating monthly reports
  • Advising management on good administrative practices
  • Providing feedback on the identified administrative gaps
  • Handling all aspects related to the filling and the general office administration

Meanwhile, these will be your duties and responsibilities when you prefer working in Polokwane.

  • Assessing the completeness of the Water Use License Applications
  • Capturing water use applications in the Water Use Authorization and Registration Management System (WARMS) and EWULAAAS
  • Maintaining water use license data in EWULAAAS
  • Mapping data correlation with other systems
  • Auditing the completeness of the data before input in WARMS and EWULAAAS
  • Communicating monthly status of captured water use application for the manager
  • Opening files for water use application based on the relevant filling prescripts
  • Ensuring the effective operations of hardcopy file tracking system
  • Filling correspondence with the clients
  • Keeping a record of water use applications
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Generally, the requirements for both locations quite the same. Hence, these are the general requirements to apply for Department of Water and Sanitation vacancies.

  • Having a Senior or Grade 12 certificate is non-negotiable
  • Having a valid driver’s license is compulsory
  • The applicants must have knowledge of clerical functions
  • Having computer literacy (MS Office) is obligatory
  • The applicants must possess knowledge of administrative procedures
  • Possessing general knowledge of information system and data capturing skills is vital

Moreover, for the Bellville positions, there are some additional requirements to fulfill along with the previous requirements.

  • Understanding the IGR Framework Act 2005 is necessary
  • Having basic financial management and knowledge of PFMA is essential
  • The applicants must be willing to take up on adhoc activities
  • Besides, the applicants must also have the understanding of Social and Economic development issues


In addition, alongside with the requirements above, there are some documents which are compulsory for all applicants to provide.

  • The newly implemented Z83 form
  • A comprehensive CV
  • Copies of qualifications
  • An identity document
  • A SAQA evaluation report for foreign qualifications

To apply, the applicants can send these documents through email. For the Bellville, you can send them to [email protected] for attention Ms. K Melelo. Meanwhile, for the Polokwane vacancies, [email protected] for attention Mr. HH Khosa is acceptable.


Moreover, for any enquiries related to Department of Water and Sanitation vacancies in Bellville, you can contact Ms. A Gaju at 021 941 6199 or 082 890 7072. In contrast, when you have some questions about the vacancies in Polokwane, you can contact Mr. N. Mphuma at (015) 290 1477.

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Closing Date

To sum up, the closing date of these Department of Water and Sanitation vacancies will be on 4 June 2021.