Dariel Software Development Graduate Program for Qualified Students

If you are passionate about IT and you are thinking about having a career in the field, then you should take part in Dariel Software Development Graduate Program for 2020-2021 period. Through this program, you are expected to have a deeper insight and learning through a direct exposure to the subject. In this way, you can obtain the valuable insight and knowledge while having a direct practical skill to enrich your experience.

About the Program

Dariel Software Company is offering the Dariel Software Development Graduate program for 2020-2021 period with the hope that they can screen potential and qualified candidates that will be placed in Johannesburg, South Africa. The candidates will be exposed to the professional world of IT experts and professionals who will help mentor them during the program.

The program is open and offered to students within their final year of education. The company is searching for passionate and creative graduates wanting to have a solid career in IT. This opportunity is open for those who aren’t afraid of challenges, as well as for those want to enjoy a rewarding career in the software development field, as well as analysis and architecture subjects.

The working environment would be innovative, highly technical, and fast-paced – and it should encourage candidates to obtain both the knowledge and the experience they want. Candidates would be constantly exposed to continuous learning environment as well as high level degree of software expertise so they can enjoy both the learning and the experience process. Candidates will have the opportunity to see the impact of the systems they are developing on real human as well as improving the business and lives of the users and customers.

The Requirements

In order to qualify for this Dariel Software Development Graduate program, candidates are expected to meet the general and basic requirements, which may cover:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa – must be proven by the legal and valid ID document
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charges
  • They must have the relevant degree or diploma with a minimum 3-year study period – higher would be better
  • They have all the academic transcripts or record for their qualification

How to Apply

Be advised that application will take place online. Interested candidates will have to visit this link in order to apply. They can complete the online application form as well as providing the extra documentation requirements.

Although there is no exact or detailed information about the supporting documents, the general documentation that is usually required are:

  • An updated and comprehensive CV
  • A certified copy of South African ID document
  • Certified copies of qualifications, diplomas, or academic records

Be advised that it is possible that candidates will be required to provide more documentation. Nevertheless, they should be well prepared for this stage.

There is no exact information about the deadline, but interested candidates are advised to send their application as soon as possible. Don’t wait too long or the application for this Dariel Software Development Graduate program may be closed.