CSIR Bursary: The Open Opportunity in Engineering and Science 2020

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CSIR Bursary program is designed to help student reach a higher educational level even when they are experiencing a financial hardship. With the financial support, students are expected to have a better future and career.

About the Program

CSIR or Council for Scientific and Industrial Research is one of the fundamental and premier development and research firm in South Africa. It was set up in 1945. It is currently the greatest development and research firm in Africa covering 10% of African American R&D spending budget. They are focusing in 7 major subjects of Natural Environment, Digital Environment, Energy, Built Environment, Defense and Security, Health, and Industry.

The CSIR Bursary is offered to students wanting to pursue a future career in research, technological development, and innovation. The bursary itself is designed to increase the numbers of females and black people in technology, science, and engineering sector, especially in these subjects:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

The bursary will cover expenses such as prescribed textbooks, meal allowance, living allowance, laptop allowance, accommodation, tuition fees, and registration costs.

The Requirements

All candidates are expected to meet the basic and general requirements as the entry criteria when they want to apply for CSIR Bursary program. Never underestimate the points at this entry because it can lead to them being ignored.

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must, at least, be in Matric currently or they have completed Matric
  • For the current Matric students, they must have at least level 5 for English (First Language) or level 5 for English (Second Language). They must also have at least level 6 for Mathematics or level 6 for Physical Science
  • They must plan to take a full-time study to become a BSc or BEng Engineering at one of the public universities in South Africa
  • For the current tertiary students, they must study (currently) to take full time subject as BSc or BEng Engineering degree at the public university in South Africa. They must also pass all the previous mentioned subjects for
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How to Apply

The application will take place online. Candidates need to go to https://www.csir.co.za/bursaries. They need to read the privacy notice first and then choose the option ‘Continue to apply’ so they can proceed with the application. Along the application form, candidates can also include the supporting documents. Be advised that they must not miss a single document because it can lead to their application being rejected and ignored.

The supporting documents include:

  • A certified copy of legal and valid ID document
  • A certified copy of Matric mid-year results for the exams if the candidates are currently in Matric
  • A certified copy of final results or Matric certificate if they have completed Matric
  • A certified copy of academic record if they are currently at the tertiary institution

The deadline is on August the 31st 2020. However, the program is generally available all year round without clear opening or closing date. But they generally provide the information about the deadline so candidates won’t miss it. This period, August the 31st 2020 would be the closing date.

Candidates who encounter problems during the application or want to know more about CSIR bursary program can always reach out to Khuliswa Jakuja as the contact person. They can reach CSIR Bursary Office at 012 841 2665 or at [email protected].


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