The Opportunities Offered by Dell Bursary Program

There are many special features offered by students taking part in Dell Bursary program. Talented and academically bright students can complete their study through the special fund of Young Leaders bursary. The candidates are offered various study fields. It is also possible that the candidates get the skills they need after they graduate – and those skills can be the result of their study

About the Program

Dell bursary program is about providing learning opportunity to financially struggling students from the poor communities to pursue a professional degree. The program is pretty ambitious, just like the students that they are supporting. They want to ensure that 80% of the students are in the graduate program while 100% of their graduates potentially secure jobs within their study field.

The amount of bursary available is R150,000 during the bursary period and it covers printing credits, basic necessities, textbooks, and laptops. The company also provides continuous supports to students dealing with financial, housing, academic, and also psycho-social challenges that may obstruct the students from completing the university successfully. They have their own Scholar Risk Indicator that activates an alert for students needing help so the team can provide assistance right away.

The bursary is available for these following subjects:

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Law Technology

It is possible that highly educated students with flying colors and impressive academic achievement would be offered a position with the company. After all, they are always in a look-out for potentially talented and skilled young workers to work for them and to help them develop the company.

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The Requirements

There are several basic requirements that all candidates need to meet if they want to take part in this Dell bursary. The requirements are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa that is proven by valid and solid ID document
  • They must be studying (currently) at Pretoria University or Cape Town University
  • They must be able to show financial assistance
  • They must be within their first year of study and in the application field
  • They must prove good academic performance and achievement
  • They must show good leadership skill
  • It is imperative that the candidates are committed, eager, and motivated – and they aren’t afraid to work hard to break through all obstacles and improve the living conditions. The bursary is meant for talented students having the drive and passion for life.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must make their applications online. It is available at the specific universities and at all Dell Foundation offices. These are the offices at some of the universities:

Be advised to always check the official site for further and detailed processing as well as information about the program

The program is made available all through the year without any stipulated closing date. Candidates are suggested to contact Dell offices at the universities above to learn more about Dell bursary program.