Coronation Brilliant Minds Graduate Internship Program

If you are a new graduate looking for a professional working opportunity, then you should seriously consider joining Coronation Brilliant Minds Graduate Internship program. Through this program, you will be taken through various learning opportunities as well as working exposures. You will be expected to follow various study opportunities, training, and assignments that will enrich your knowledge as well as your skills.  By the time you complete the program, you should have experienced a lot of improvements in your skills and qualifications.

About the Program

This program is offered by Coronation Company whose location is situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The company understands that qualified workers are rare, and they want to screen the potential, talented, and dedicated candidates who haven’t been lucky with any jobs. Through this full time program that will last for 2 years, they expect that candidates will experience major improvements in both personal and professional qualifications.

Through the Reference Number of COR190916-1, candidates are welcomed to apply. The main location will be on Cape Town, Western Cape. There will be 6 positions available for this Coronation Brilliant Minds Graduate Internship program. The candidates would be introduced to the world of Asset Management where they can enjoy several benefits. Aside from gaining more knowledge from structured learning system, they will be exposed to professional working surroundings and settings, allowing themselves to contribute to the business projects. Moreover, candidates will get salary and also other benefits.

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During the program, they will be supported and monitored by a buddy and a direct supervisor so they can get good mentorship guidance as well as constructive feedback. If they are successful in their programs, they may fill the roles of Marketing, Client Reporting, or Risk and Compliance

The Requirements

There are several general and basic requirements, as well as specific ones, that all candidates must meet in order to qualify for this Coronation Brilliant Minds Graduate Internship program. The general requirements are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must have completed Matric (Grade 12) and have the certificate
  • They must not have any criminal record
  • They must be hard worker and passionate about the industry they are working for

For the extra requirements, there are:

  • Candidates interested in Marketing should have marketing-related Bachelor degree
  • Candidates interested in Risk and Compliance should have B.Com.LLB or B.Bus.Sci Law or B.Acc (Hons)
  • Candidates interested in Client Reporting should have finance-related Bachelor degree

How to Apply

Interested candidates must complete online application. They are required to visit this link so they can provide detailed information about themselves and their qualifications. Aside from completing the application form, they are required to provide supporting documents as well. For now, the complete information about what documents to provide isn’t enough, but in general, they may cover:

  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A certified copy of Matric certificate
  • Certified copies of qualifications
  • An updated and comprehensive CV

Be advised that the candidates must have to provide more documents than these, so it won’t hurt to get prepared.

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The deadline is on January the 31st 2020. Any late submission for this Coronation Brilliant Minds Graduate Internship program won’t be considered.