Bursary Application Letter: Its Importance and How to Compose One  

Never underestimate the importance of writing or composing the bursary application letter because the right method can lead to your success in getting the financial support or not. A bursary is somewhat special because it is the financial assistant that is created to help students who are struggling with money. Basically these students can’t pay for their fees and tuition in full. As a part of their screening process, these students are often asked to send their application letter. And you need to know how to manage it right!

Bursary Concept

Bursary is basically a grant or award that can be used to cover the educational expenses –whether full or partial. In general, the bursary somewhat requires the recipient to work for the institution (that provides the bursary) for a certain period of time. For instance, a bursary that covers the funds for one year may require the recipient to work for them for a year after the recipient gets a degree. It depends on the arrangement between the company and the candidates, really. Although most recipients may be required to work for the institution after they have got a degree, it is also possible that they have to work while completing the degree.

In general, bursaries are issued by universities or colleges, but it is also common for independents organizations to offer such a financial help. The structure of the bursary depends on the issuer and it is possible that they may be adjusted or customized to fit unique conditions or situations.

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The Functions of the Application Letter

So, what’s the function of bursary application letter and why is it important to compose the right stuff? You see, the application letter would be the first impression of the candidates. This is your chance to describe and explain why you need the financial assistance. Through the letter, you can also explain how the financial assistance can help you – from professional and also academic perspective. It’s like a cover letter for a professional resume. The application letter will provide a quick overview of your current accomplishments, goals, and credentials. When you write it properly and correctly, then an application letter can take you beyond the competition.

How to Write the Letter

Here is the structure of bursary application letter:

  • The bursary issuer address should be written on the top corner on the left of the application letter
  • You need to include your name (and your contact info) and the application date
  • Begin it with ‘To Whom It May Concern’, “Dear [name of the person]”, or ‘Dear Sir or Madam’
  • Explain your purpose with the application on the first paragraph, consisting only two or three sentences. For instance, I am applying for ABD bursary to help me pursue my ABC degree in [year].
  • The second paragraph should contain your educational path, including personal achievement, plan for future education, and current degree. Limit this to 3 sentences.
  • The third paragraph explains your future career plans as well as how it is connected to your education and degree.
  • End your bursary application letter with a short paragraph, which should express your appreciation and gratitude.
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