Atvance Academy Learnership: 6 Courses Available

  • joubeditor
  • Oct 24, 2020

Upgrading skills is what most people need to do when they want to have better achievements, jobs, and also salary. Generally, employers will choose the outstanding workers to be part of them. Therefore, Atvance Academy learnership can be the best accredited training you can rely on in South Africa. When you need ano

This academy has trained for about 80.000 learners annually. Thus, the credibility and reliability of this academy have gone beyond the standard. Atvance Academy currently offers some Skills Development courses which have been accredited based on the standard SETAs.

Atvance academy learnership
Atvance academy learnership on The Bharat Express News

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Programme Description

In Atvance Academy learnership, there are 6 different courses to enroll based on your needs. These courses can be chosen according to your preferable time and also wishes. The duration for each course is 12 months.

  • Project Support Service

In order to be able to overdo the project functions, you need to learn some related skills. It includes business ethics, self-management, personal behavior, procedures, and also business policies. By participating in this course, you will gain a lot of benefits for the project managements in the future. The minimum requirement for this course is NQF level 3.

  • Wholesale and Retail Operations

Within 12 months, the learners will sharpen their skills in wholesale and also retail. This course will also cover merchandising, customer service, administrations, and also operations. In order to participate in the course, the standard requirement is NQF level 2.

  • Information Technology – Technical Support
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Being a professional means that you have to go through some trainings and also courses. When you want to work in the field of hardware, networking, and also data communications, this course will be the suitable one. This course will be useful if you want to work in the IT industry. Having NQF level 4 is a must.

  • New Venture Creations

Managing business might not for everyone. Therefore, you need to learn about business plan, business managements, and also public and private sectors in it. NQF level 2 is essential to take part in the course.

  • Contact Centre Support

In order to understand clearly about customer service skills, joining this course will be totally advantageous. When you want to work in a contact centre agents, this course is just for you. NQF level 2 is important to participate.

  • Business Administration Services

NQF level 3 is essential to take part in the course. When you want to work in administration field of work, this course should never be missed.


  • Being a South African proven with identity card
  • Being in the age of 18 to 27 years old
  • Attaching the copies of highest qualifications


There are many benefits of having courses in Atvance Academy learnership, South Africa. These benefits will be your considerations before choosing another academy as a place to learn.

  • It costs nothing to learn. It means that you do not have to pay for anything to learn in this website.
  • You are free to choose where to learn. You may choose the comfiest and the most comfortable spot to learn alone without distractions.
  • There is a wide range of courses to choose, therefore, you can expand your knowledge and abilities.
  • The learners can start from NQF2 which means that no other studies needed for the courses.
  • You can choose your own time, book, and also exercises based on your own preferences.
  • Don’t worry, all of the courses available have been accredited.
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